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Virtual towers Online Hex Demo

So I did the 001.03a version this title a while ago and I was very impressed and I wanted to check out the earlier HEX demo now its worth noting this one probably wont be as long a piece as it is only a small demo.


The menus are pretty basic and thats fair enough its before the nicer detailed menus we have seen in the X-Sector 001.030a demo recently and really there is not much here apart from settings to change graphics options and change from full screen to windowed and things like resolution and quality and a helpful key assignment list which is helpful when you get to end of the Hex Attraction.

Hex, Virtual towers Online Hex Demo, Tim Salt Writes

Environment & External Graphics

Its easy to tell this came very early on theres not much to see other than the hex ride itself inside the towers. But like the X-Sector its really nicely done and the detail is superb right down to the brilliantly recreated signs for Hex there is a few areas that could do with a little polish same really with some frame rate issues and tearing I experienced but I managed to calm these down a little with the help of the Radeon Control Panel.

Even after getting Radeon Control Panel to take control there was a little even then but to be honest its nothing compared to how bad the tearing issue is in the likes of Introversions Prison Architect and I love that game so it’s a shame. But really I am not picking fault in the slightest here this is a very early demo and its overall in this aspect its really good.

Ride Detailing

Detailing on the ride is superb the queues look fantastic and realistic I have never been on Hex so I needed to check out some reference shots online to see exactly how it looks and its very close indeed and so really great job here and all the plants around the paths and stuff just add realism and of course the biggest detail is the towers themselves they are just fantastic as you can see in my last section about the external graphics quality even the doors to the ride look amazing.

The Ride

Going inside I was quite curious what the ride actually was I have never been on hex and I actually did not watch any videos prior to trying this demo (seriously thats true).

I have been yet again blown away by the quality in this and I saw that more after watching YouTube videos of this ride once I had been through the attraction in this demo. (I did brighten the output shots a little as they were very dark)

Interesting bit for this piece

Hex is not the only ride like this in the UK Drayton Manor’s the haunting has been open since 1996 and features the same Vekoma Mad House system but it has a different story and theming.

And reading Vekomas page for mad house is interesting and details that the footprint for this ride is small compared to other rides and it can do a full 360 spin and everything is controlled a sequencer and a pc and it does not wear very quickly meaning it will last a really long time.  

Thats just cool. Drayton Manor The Haunting – Vekoma – Mad House Technology

Drayton Mannor The Haunting – Vekoma – Mad House Technology

In Conclusion

The Hex demo just shows the care and quality this team puts into the Virtual Towers online Project and while there is the issues I mentioned again picking fault here would be unfair its early alpha so again expecting perfection would be unfair it’s a very good demo and certainly one checking out. 

Until Next time 


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