Virtual Towers Online 0.01.30a

I had not heard of this project until a friend mentioned It to me as I am an avid Planet Coaster Player so I started to look Into It and these are my thoughts of It so far Its an ongoing project so Its not anywhere near finished yet and I certainly think It will be a year or 2 more before we see a more polished version.

Loading screen

Loading screen what I can say Its Jurassic World evolution beautiful and the straight away the music Is very haunting. but considering where the demo Is set Its no suprise the x sector has a bIt of a Infamous past thanks to one ride which can be seen In the loading screens and the demo Itself I probably dont need to tell you which one or what happened It was worldwide news for sometime and a horrific accident and lets say the music Is not only haunting It does kind of remind you of what happened. this is the original song just with a edited Batman universe Joker theme (to be honest it fits well with the smiler as… well the Joker was the clown prince of crime)

So that sad part over I am going to continue with my review.

Ride design quality and related graphics.

This Is just absolutely beautiful the level of effort gone Into this to make the rides as realistic as possible and Its a massive credit to the small team who are working on this the rides according to my friend are so close to the real ones Its crazy and even said the ride queues are spot on Including oblivions pretty huge queue which Its never needed and after 20+ years now I cant see It ever needing It add to this the detail In little aspects like signs to tell you about things you can and cant do Is superb and the recreated signs and notices add even more realism to what Is already Impressive already even and the stations for the rides even have their own signage like on oblivion which has a few warning signs above the car queues. below are some In game screenshots of level of detail.

And remember! 

, Virtual Towers Online 0.01.30a, Tim Salt Writes

Park Graphics

Just like the ride quality the park graphics are just superb the buildings all look Incredibly life like and early delevoper footage on their Facebook page Indicates they have already got a mock up of the smiler gift shop Interior with hooks and shelfs. and this Is not the only bits In the works that look amazing a look at the Facebook page shows models of the towers wicker man and they havent stopped there In the game the detail In the likes of the tables and chairs that dotted around the x sector look fantastic and the skydome textures look so lifelike and you would think aspects like dustbins May get less attention nope they even get fantastic detailing

Bugs (Remember this is still early Development)

Like all early progress titles there Is bugs that needed splatting and squatting and virtual towers online Is no different a couple of the current bugs are starting upside down grey screen now I must admit I found the upside down bug seemed to occur whenever I had fraps active but when off It was fine but the game does warn fraps does not work too well with direct X 11 and recommends using Microsofts Expression codec Instead.

other bugs that I spotted were at the disabled entrance to the obvIlon and to the corner of the gift shop/ride photo shop In 2018 this Is the exit to the ride. other than that I found It was pretty good.

The Future?

Well the team behind Virtual Towers Online have openly stated they are currently working on redoing the X sector from this demo to x-sector version 2 and creating a new launcher for the title and adding a automatic updater meaning more streamlined content updates and reduced large downloads and this will also reduce the delevoper workload most platforms out use this system in various ways usually through their own marketplaces and its a great system as I know my titles are always updated. 

The future Is very bright for Virtual Towers and the next few months are going to be very exciting.

I recommend searching for virtual towers on Facebook and maybe download this and check It out.

Until next time 


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