Titanic Honor & Glory Demo 3

Titanic Honour and glory has been in development for a few years now by four funnels a small team of developers who are fascinated by the Titanic story and want to create the most faithful recreation of the great ship that has been seen before.

So without further ado let’s get back onboard Titanic.

Getting it to run

Like a lot of in development/Early access titles (not all) Titanic Honor and Glory does not have a setup program or anything like it is not an issue the application executable is easy enough to locate inside the folder you extract from the tar file along with the random (yes I am aware of the activate windows message and I have dealt with it now)

Titanic Honor and Glory, Titanic Honor & Glory Demo 3, Tim Salt Writes

Just Booting up into Titanic Honor and Glory game/simulation I dont exactly know how to class it really shows just how much effort the development team are putting into creating a dynamic experience even at the menus.

Titanic Honor and Glory, Titanic Honor & Glory Demo 3, Tim Salt Writes

On my grabbing images and play through before I wrote this piece I found myself turning down from ultra to high and turning down motion blur which for me was causing massive headaches just to help out my PC which with turbo boosting on my I5 can get to 3.6GHZ.

Into Belfast 1912

Anyway Menus and glitches aside you start in a train carriage heading to the dock you are going there a few days before it departs from Belfast on trials and I am just lost for words the detail is absolutely outstanding.

Everything from things like rail cars to toilets is detailed and it’s nice to see that while it won’t be included initially in the full release but likely later as DLC it’s nice to see the care and effort gone into the recreation of 191 Belfast in Titanic Honor And Glory Demo 3 they did not have to include it.

Lets get on the ship

(I adjusted the brightness and gamma from this point as it was a little too bright for me)

This is probably the part of Titanic Honor and Glory that I love the most and adds a lot not accessible in the first 2 Demos but starts in the same place on the ship.

Oh Its So Beautfiul

The first thing that hit me again (I have tried the earlier demo releases) after stepping onto the ship through the partially closed gate is the extent of detail and care that is going into it there is something about walking up the grand staircase I love even in the virtual world the pictures show.

And I love how the Titanic had the Cherubs on the posts and how the devs have created such fantastic 3d models of them.

Once you start exploring more and doing things like walking down Scotland Road and walking through very narrow corridors with wall to wall cabins in the lower classes hello.. Anxiety overload!

(I’m not going to talk about every location in the demo as there is a lot to explore)

It did make me think how incredibly fighting the night of April 14th 191 must have been to all on-board titanic especially of course those in lower classes quite a chilling thought really and a very eerie one.

Easter eggs

This is such a nice touch I absolutely love Easter eggs in software titles and it’s nice to see references to Titanic Adventure Out of time which has become a classic amongst Titanic fan’s and historians even now.

I suspect its likely that Titanic Honor and Glory will become another highly respected title.

Thats it for my short review of this I will do a more through one when the title is released which I suspect will be 2019 to start of 2020.

official website for this title : http://www.titanichg.com/

Titanic Honor and Glory, Titanic Honor & Glory Demo 3, Tim Salt Writes
Until Till Next Time – Tim

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