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Reading – my memories

I grew up reading books at Junior school with the likes of fuzz buzz and mr men which were to me then cool as I was learning at the same time these are memories even decades on I still remember and this is my story and a bit on mental health and books.

Reading, Reading – my memories, Tim Salt Writes

Going up to bigger things

Reading, Reading – my memories, Tim Salt Writes
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When I started secondary school in 1995 it was a different world to me and I had to get used to not being in just one classroom all the time and I remember the first time I went into the library and it was so cool it was on 2 levels.

There was books on cars planes and everything in between and all things I liked and because this was early 1995 the school had no Internet in fact the school pretty much only had BBC micros.

Not that uncommon the Micro was still pretty big but since the school only had a few of them including the library one it was often hard to get access to one so I often spent time outside in breaks in the learning support building catching up on work at lunch time or reading there was not much else to do.

Vampire Books with a humorous side

Reading, Reading – my memories, Tim Salt Writes

I think around this time I started reading the Vlad The Drac series of books which were originally released in the 1980s these were a take on the vampire Genre but for children.

This was probably one of the first book series I read cover to cover pretty much straight after one another and then listened to the audio books and my interest in books was really sparked by now

Required reading advanced

Reading, Reading – my memories, Tim Salt Writes
Old Books

As I moved up years at secondary school exam preparation and required reading got closer and included the likes of John Steinbecks Of Mice And Men and Romeo & Juliet which I loved reading and then accompanying video watching of the film with the tv being wheeled in on a big trolley.

Of course then there were the discussions after the final part of the film had been watching and I must admit I paid more attention in these than the rest of the class probably why I ended up in a fair few detentions while at school (Really Regret that now)

Harry Potter Books

Reading, Reading – my memories, Tim Salt Writes
All the Harry Potter reading books

When I left school in 2000 and started college the library was twice as big as the one at school and my reading sort of diminished a little bit as I was getting into computers in a big way and all the things like the Internet and I had a new girlfriend (I was 16 like it was not going to happen!)

my interest in books still remained and my friend said had I read the harry potter books I was like no I had not but I seen the popularity of them so I got the first book and the rest was history I never put it down and read it in a matter of hours i loved the whole story of this magical castle and muggles.

Of course after this I had to get the next book and so on you get the drift this continued till 2007.

The Future

Reading, Reading – my memories, Tim Salt Writes
welcome to the future

In 2019 I still read but not as much as in my younger days however I am reading an educational business book right now from an Apprentice finalist Bianca Miller- Cole and Byron Cole called Self Made the definitive guide to business startup success.

Mental Health

Reading, Reading – my memories, Tim Salt Writes
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I tapped on this briefly in my Harry Potter Books flashback but never really went into any detail on it.

In my piece retro gaming & Mental Health I talked about it being a great way for me to control my Anxiety and also mentioned that it does not always work for everyone and to look at other options in that case and well this would class as one of those.

Why? There is a calming nature to books and their ability to make you imagine being in a place like Hogwarts or going through the wardrobe into a fictional world Like Narnia and studies show that reading a book can reduce stress by around 60-70% and thats no small number.

I think if we use techniques like my Retro Gaming and things like reading books we have 2 very powerful weapons in the fight against mental health.

If you would like to check out some of the books I mention in here you can check out Amazon Books or Waterstones or

Reading, Reading – my memories, Tim Salt Writes
Until Till Next Time – Tim
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