My photography Equipment & Me

well what can I say

Currently as of writing this I have gained nearly 20 years of photography experience in various areas but even now I am learning new skills all the time and aslo was formerly a member of the Rolls Royce photographic society from 2014 to mid 2016 and was commended in competitons at events and recieved praise from several judges in club competitions.

As of April/May 2017 I moved from a Cannon 50D setup which had served me well for 3 years

moving to current my setup is a Sony A6000 with a 70-210mm a 30mm F2.8 Sigma art prime A 679 manfrotto Monopod Ex-pro Battery on the go battery kit color munki smile and a gear 360 for well 360 video and images (the default tripod is not great its not level so my 679 manfrotto takes over from it a andoer battery charger as the usb charge with battery on the a6000 can take upto 5 hours according to the manual in the battery charger its 1 hr 50 min

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