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Mopy Fish

What the heck was Mopy fish

in the late 90s HP was making a killing on its Laser Jet printer lines they were economical and they were perfectly matched in the likes of schools and colleges and anywhere really where people were outputting a large of printed documents continually which Laser Jet did a better job at because there were more robust but alot bigger than a normal printer but they soon made their high cost back so it was win win for HP and then it decided to reward LaserJet printing it asked virtual pet creator Global Beach to create a virtual pet slash screensaver and well the world got 

Mopy : Multiple Original Printouts fish based on a red cichlid which researchers say has a brain which has a memory of around 5 seconds I am going to cover a bit about the background behind Mopy fish and then I do my usual and in this case talk about Mopy

Mopy a HP hit

Mopy had done something right because it hit the spot bang on and downloads for this little red fish went crazy and while its never been said I can imagine HP saw a huge financial gain from all this with people going out to buy a expensive Laser Jet printer just to make use of the little red fish 

by 2000 which is when I first saw the rather fetching little red fish on a pc at the college I was studying at the time Mopy had been downloaded 10 million times meaning it had been downloaded more times than any other artifical pet on pc so HP got awarded with a Guinness world record for that.

The End of Mopy

By 1999 Microsoft was delevoping a new operating system codenamed Neptune a consumer OS windows 2000 and it was doing well and entered beta and then Microsoft scrapped the whole project and then to fill the gap it released windows Me which was considered a failure as it showed signs of being done in a rush which pretty much was accurate as Microsoft in 2000 announced OS codename Whistler which later became XP and the assets Microsoft made for the planned Neptune appeared in XP.

Well one year later and XP released to alot of praise but sadly Mopy was amongst a number of applications that did not like the new OS and caused major headaches HP did not do much with Mopy fish and most of the issues remained but a number of work arounds appeared none of these were to my knowledge official.

Where is Mopy now? 

Well officially Mopy is pretty much dead its no longer on hps website but HP Laser Jets are hanging on in there alongside other printers but with environmental concerns increasing and with governments asking companies to go paperless to save trees and reduce global warming and with more and more companies doing this how much longer the printer line will remain for documents is anyones guess but it is falling by 4-5% a year at the present rate. however some sites have given the little fish a new home.

however it might be fun to download Mopy but it wont run on windows 10🙁 due to 64bit not supporting 16bit applications best bet to check Mopy out if you never got the chance in the early days is to know a friend who has a win98 or 95 pc buy a old school laptop or pc (there are some good laptops out there like the thinkpad 680XD) or do what I do and run it through emulation like I am with VMware 

So lets take a look at Mopy fish and this is going to be one of my shortest reviews ever!


this is pretty boring as far as installers go I have seen much better ones than this even on windows 98 with animations and this literally has the option to print the agreement why on earth you would want to waste paper doing that I dont know but its there and the other 2 are to accept it and to reject it which quits the installer and there is a checkbox to set it as a screensaver (its already installed on this virtual machine thats why it is greyed out in this screengrab.

and really that covers the installer told you this was going to be really short.

Screensaver the main part of Mopy

Well you would think at least the options would be nice…. nope in terms of screensaver options its plain standard win9x tick box window and even back when I first tried Mopy fish back on 32bit Win2000 I thought this was a area that they could have done so much better at even having the installer color scheme with the Mopy fish logo here would have been really nice and they did not even bother to make a small animation for the preview just no effort taken here.

but those aside running this again on emulated windows 98(i had installed on my NT4.0) machine aswell but having some issues with that but I will deal with those when I get 5 it was impossible not to fall in love with this little creature all over again 

I remember fondly how Mopy fish would react if you did not feed it and how for its time the advanced brain physics reacted to that even now there is virtual pets that dont have the level of sophistication Mopy did and it just added to the lovability of this screensaver and why it got 10mil downloads and all the things you could add to the tank was as I put it back in the early 2000s Wicked but again while just as awesome as it was again global beach could have done more here aswell like maybe adding a tropical backdrop reward. of course HP offered people chances to suggest new toys for Mopy fish but nothing was ever released.

A new Mopy?

There is nothing to stop someone creating a new Mopy fish screensaver but the screensaver fad has pretty much died out much these days but a new Mopy could be made to collect points by how many emails you send or how many Facebook Twitter or Instagram posts in a day you make the ideas are pretty wide but whether it would make the same level of success I doubt it sadly.  

We will never forget Mopy that is for sure it was unique and clever for its time and that also wraps up Mopy Fish and my thoughts not a long piece this one because Mopy fish was pretty simple it was just a screensaver virtual pet nothing more really.

Until next time 


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