Lego: Harry Potter Years 1-4

, Lego: Harry Potter Years 1-4, Tim Salt Writes

NOTE : This is a re-released piece which has been updated to support WordPress Gutenberg) 

When I decided to do a bunch of old games for review one that came up was Lego Harry potter and I thought sure why not look back at this game but do I still have the love for the likes of this funny scene from Chamber of secrets?

Well very simply put of course I do I was excited when HP Hogwarts mystery was announced and even more excited when it released I downloaded it on launch day on my then phone Samsung S6 before I upgraded to a 2.4GHZ snapdragon powered Razer Phone with 120hz screen and 8GB of ram so it handles it with ease and I am currently at the start of Year 3 as i am taking my time with my Hufflepuff character.

So onto all things Lego. 


Like most PC titles most have slowly made their way onto steam and some also have made it onto GOG (good ol games) the gog version is pretty expensive sitting at £14.00 for both years 1-4 and 5-7 but it can be grabbed off steam for £10.00 when its not on sale and there are some places you can pick it steam keys cheaper than that so its not hard to find both years 1-4 and 5-7 

Gameplay & Graphics 

Even if you have completed both years in the past like I have its not too difficult to get a new game going with 4 different save slots available and with the only graphics glitch being screen tearing which can be fixed in the graphics settings its pretty plain sailing in getting this game to run at its best.

The only gripe I have with the gameplay is the keyboard layout its not the greatest so I found myself going for my Xbox One controller to play this and to be honest its so much easier but despite the niggles as I say this game is still highly enjoyable and I found myself thoroughly enjoying it again and breaking building and digging my way through the film based levels and even now a few years on graphics are still really really nice and just shows the level of care and quality Tt games are known for and without time limits or a set time scale to complete the game I find it perfect for days where i am not feeling my best and just want to be left alone.

Install time and space needed

LHP is now around 8 years old having been released in 2010 and back then most games rarely exceeded a few few GB and LHP takes a pretty respectable 5.6GB for each so for both years 1-4 and 1-7 you need around 11GB thats not bad considering most modern games take anywhere from 20– 100GB (Forza 7) and only takes a few minutes to install 

In closing on my second older game flashback do I recommend this game if you have never played it?


its a great game and plus its one way before the sudden onslaught of loot box games and micro transactions that seem to plague most games these days. 

Next game planned possibly going to take a trip over to the wii emulator in RetroArch  and look back at Endless Ocean which was released in 2007 and featured a great soundtrack and had songs from NZ artist Hayley Westerna.

Until next time 


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