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Flight simulator has been one of my escapes over the last few years and it helps me when I am not feeling at my best but I have been flying with FS since the early days with 1995 and now ms has discontinued any future flight simulator Development with the closure of Microsoft aces studio I have moved to the manufacturer and now simulator developer Lockheed martin (yes the very same one that created the F117A stealth fighter (ret. 2008) and the Raptor stealth fighter) 

, Learning to fly(virtually), Tim Salt Writes

Why do I like to use Prepar3d (Prepared) over say X- plane

I like X plane its got a great scenery library behind it and its a big one at over 100GB but for me I am used to prepar3d and it has got support for what I like to fly the most so that pretty much answers that one. 

How does prepar3d make me feel?

Really good I like the ability to escape even in a virtual world and its so easy to get lost in the realism of the simulator and I love that and because I dont use the default textures that come in the simulator as I use add on series Orbx FTX England scenery & UK2000 airport scenery It adds the missing feeling whether I am at FL310(31000ft) in a jet like a 737 or a fast jet like a F18 super hornet or 1000ft in a Cessna watching the ground for navigation better known as VFR

but both together still dont add sky textures or effects so I finished off my setup with REX 4 Texture Direct Enhanced and this does that for me and also improves the look of some of the airports that I dont have add on scenery for. so the simulator becomes as I say a great escape for me.


I love the scenery and the escape that offers me but when I boot up a jet like PMDGs 737NGX I go right into geek mode and at this point I have to think about what I am doing because there is……

, Learning to fly(virtually), Tim Salt Writes

and I love that feeling of rows and rows of buttons especially in the computer system and then the feeling of knowing I set that up every time of course its possible to create flight plans and then just loading them but where is the fun in that for me there is none and I want to live the full experience so learning and programming the computers comes with that.

Landing and exploring new airports 

for me this is just so much fun because I have to again go back to the computer and program a few more things and then press a bunch of buttons to make sure I can land safely and then explore that airport with the use of other cameras and add-on software and once its all over i then have to decide if i am going to do the same again and go the other way or if i am going to stop for a bit and do something else. 

In closing

for me flight simulation has become my main anxiety control method at home when I am on my PC as I am currently taking a break from my other which is 3D design. and as doing flight simulator often means long hours has it made me become addicted to it and gaming in general well the straight forward answer to that is no not all I know when I have had enough and then I just stop. 

Until next time 


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