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HyperPie II (Short Read)

I have talked a fair bit lately about RetroPie Arcade gaming and Community images and well for this one I thought Id take a look at a new set-up I actually really like. 

What is HyperPie?

, HyperPie II (Short Read), Tim Salt Writes

Well put simply HyperPie 2 is a Hybrid Base image slimliar to the Base of Retropie which has been out a few years now but adds in elements of Hyperspin software a complete install of Emulation Station Retro Pie and also throws in the still popular Attract Mode alternative to emulation station which can be switched to at any time

Download & Size

, HyperPie II (Short Read), Tim Salt Writes

Unlike RetroPie HyperPie has to be downloaded by torrent file which you can get from the website and its completely legal but its alot bigger than the RetroPie Base image and with the above and the content included it will soon make alot of sense why but personally its not a big issue with my fast internet connection.

Zip file = 7.18GB 
Extracted = 1.4GB

Features and Pre installed Content & Graphics

This is probably one of the best bits I like about the HyperPie hybrid its just superb and its just so much more configurable than the likes of Recalbox and I am not saying Recalbox is bad I actually quite like it but this just edges it a bit.

Some of the tools thrown into HyperPie 2 are pretty darn useful including the ability to download romsets directly to the SD card from the menu talk about ease of use well it would be but I could not find anything it downloaded nor would attract mode detect it so not the greatest. 

Graphics wise attract mode is really nice and I think its certainly as good as RetroPie and in places better and it just suits it and appeals to me more in places.


HyperPie 2 is probably one of the best Hybrid base images I have used and tried out its so well built and with everything you need to run your games installed right out of the box but there is issues in this which for me made it tedious and slightly irritating and those where that the control method in attract mode is just odd and even though my roms are in the correct folders attract mode did not see them where emulation station did.

The other issue was that I kind found it a bit odd that they dont mention anywhere on the site that the majority of bios files are not included so most of the emulators even with roms are useless without them.

So do I recommend it still simple answer is well actually yes I do because they have even gone as far as creating a windows PC version which is kinda cool.

Until next time 


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