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Harry Potter : Books Flashback

For me I have grown up with the boy wizard or Harry Potter to most people and it seems like a lifetime since the last film was released back in 2010 but for me there is something timeless about the series and I often find myself playing the Lego Games which recently been re-released for the new generation consoles like the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 with improvements to the graphics engine.

So I am going to do a similar thing to my other flashbacks but since this is not software and books it’s going to defer to software somewhat.


Harry Potter, Harry Potter : Books Flashback, Tim Salt Writes

It is so easy to get the books if you have never read them Bloomsbury Publishing re-released them not too long back along with some 20th anniversary editions.

 And they are everywhere but the original hardbacks and the few softback ones like mine from the late 90s are now technically first editions thanks to the above and the price is now rising pretty fast I have seen some complete sets go as high as £70 and a base average being around £20-27.

It is worth getting the 20th anniversary versions Id say is especially the house editions of philosophers stone they will become collectable in the not too distant future once the print run is completed.

Harry Potter, Harry Potter : Books Flashback, Tim Salt Writes

A Never Ending Charm

Harry Potter, Harry Potter : Books Flashback, Tim Salt Writes

For me getting the next harry potter book was so cool and I think I read the first book in about 10 hours cover to cover and can pretty much even now remember the experience of it and that for me is the endless charm the books had and still bring years on and I was like everyone else wanting to know what was going to happen next for the boy wizard and his friends and it was great because the books came before the films so you could read the books and then see the films without ruining the experience.


Harry Potter, Harry Potter : Books Flashback, Tim Salt Writes

Time for me to read the harry potter books was not an issue as I enjoyed them too much but on average I was reading them within 10-15 house especially for the first 3 books and then the longer ones like goblet of fire half blood prince and deathly hallows would take me about 2 weeks but of course this is just me but you might be different so it is a good idea to dedicate a fair bit of time if you want to read them.  

Going Digital is it something I care for?

Harry Potter, Harry Potter : Books Flashback, Tim Salt Writes
Image Courtesy of Pexels

For me I do like the odd audio book but unlike my Friend Hannah who has an amazing fire HD that is just crammed full of books to the extent that there is maybe about 100mb free I just cannot get away from that feeling of having it in your hands and I have tried the digital world as I have a ton of star trek and some of the demon headmasters in the format (I loved the books growing up and the story gets pretty twisted after all it covers cloning surveillance (the author I still think must have seen the future) cloning and Biochemistry all in one story arc.

Time to close this chapter

Harry Potter, Harry Potter : Books Flashback, Tim Salt Writes

The boy wizards adventures and the books that have been created will be something I remember for a very long time and will probably read them all again in the future and the special editions and new re-releases are nice and will allow new readers to experience the Joy the books bring.

I am a person all for the programs and getting more children and even adults reading and the importance of it including one I saw recently on the news where a group organisation uses her beloved Maine coon Feline to encourage reading which is adorable and something Maine coons are fantastic for with their laid back curious & friendly nature.

Harry Potter, Harry Potter : Books Flashback, Tim Salt Writes
Maine Coon – Image Courtesy of Pexels

Until Next time


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