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TrackLimits ( uses various security tools to ensure the site is kept as secure as possible and minimise threats such as viruses and malware one of these protections is a SSL certification this is provided for free by Lets Encrypt they are a trusted SSL Provider which is recognized and accepted by the major search engine providers and also major internet browsers such as google chrome. the aim of the site is to provide content on subjects such as Mental health and Gaming.

Data Collection&Privacy / Cookies/ Comment forms/

As of present the site does not use willingly use or install cookies and according to cookie bot scans the site only detected 1 site operation related one this is outside of my control and the other cookies on the site only affect admin tasks such as running the wordpress control panel and are only activated when logged into it. however if any other cookie is detected Please send an email to the admin team the email address can be found on the Contact page so it can be tracked down and removed. IP addresses are only stored for 1 month and then they are automatically deleted this is to allow the security system on the site to detect and remove spam comments automatically however they are not used for any other reason and only comments from spam IP addresses are added to the security programs online database.

Track Limits content forms have also been adapted in the form that they no longer require a email address to submit a comment and the name field is also not a required field and I moderate comments to ensure suitability and if a commentor has not wished to leave a name the comment will appear on the site as Annom once it has been approved.

this short statement will be updated as needed and if the site changes considerably

Site Administrator & Owner of Track Limits 

dated 11.09.18

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