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Endless Ocean II : Blue World Review

Info : Endless Ocean 2 Released in 2010 as Blue World in the US and Adventures of the Deep in Europe the game like Endless Ocean launched at E3 in 2009 with largely positive reviews. 


Endless Ocean 2, Endless Ocean II : Blue World Review, Tim Salt Writes

Like Endless Ocean 1 this was also a Wii exclusive and again made use of the Wii-mote and this is long out of print so its a case of following the same method I mentioned in the review for the first game to grab a copy of this one

Gameplay and Controls

Endless Ocean 2, Endless Ocean II : Blue World Review, Tim Salt Writes

Like I said above Endless Ocean makes full use of the Wii-mote but in my view Nintendo nor Arika not using the Wiimotes Nunchuk accessory or taking advantage of the newly released motion plus accessory that clipped onto the accessory port and still allow the nunchuk to work through a pass through missed opportunity

Endless Ocean 2 changed the base mechanic of how the game worked instead of being based and operating entirely from a boat as you did in Endless Ocean 1 this time you operate from a base on a tropical island called Nine Ball Island  in the fictional Pelago Commonwealth in the south pacific.

You find out a bit more about the company you are working for quite quickly and then but the story starts after the scene during the tutorial part of the game however there are parts in the story where you will operate from a boat which is understandable as this is a diving/exploration title and I still think it makes a really nice change from the first game and adds extra feeling to it. 

Endless Ocean 2, Endless Ocean II : Blue World Review, Tim Salt Writes

Like endless ocean 1 this game also had a fantastic soundtrack being provided by group Celtic Woman which at the time of the making of the soundtrack had Endless 1s music artist Hayley Westerna the group and the group has done a beautiful Job of the soundtrack and its one I have every song from Endless Ocean 2 on my pc. 


Endless Ocean 2 shows some big improvements over the first game the graphics generally seem sharper than the first game but again with dolphin its easy to push it up and even at 1080p.

You still need to look quite closely to spot the difference between standard 480i and 1080p but by looking at the menu screen when you first load the game the normal logo seems slightly blurry where the HD one seems a lot sharper other areas like the cavern of the gods below is some screens in both HD and then some SD shots like I did for the first game decided not to add as much on the seed quality though.

Hi Def

Standard Def

Performance  * Dolphin Only)

I made one big change between running Endless Ocean 2 than I had with number 1 and that was I changed the graphics engine from OpenGL to Vulkan API (Application Programing interface) and well everything went to hell in a fruit basket I saw a rapid drop in frame rate down from a locked 30fps most games ran at 30fps.

Thats ok this was before the 60fps era and started experiencing some sound stuttering which is reported by others and is down to the HLE DSP codecs in dolphin they dont play 100% nicely with this title. But on the real Wii of course there are no problems whatsoever.

Community Love 

Sorry! I know but hey it works here for this anyway Wet Wet Wet aside Endless Ocean 2 has its fans like me of course and they have gone to the great level of completely redesigning the games graphics to support HD and the ongoing projects look fantastic pushing Endless beyond what it was ever designed to do.

How Nintendo views these modifications? well thats anyones guess but if it does ever respond to it its likely to be pretty aggressive and will likely throw its weight around.

Endless Ocean 2, Endless Ocean II : Blue World Review, Tim Salt Writes
Star Treks Dominion War

In closing

Endless Ocean 2, Endless Ocean II : Blue World Review, Tim Salt Writes

Endless Ocean 2 is simply a beautiful sequel to the first and as I say with the introduction of an island base as well as the boat its just a nice way to improve on the first game and it just feels good despite some complaining that the soundtrack is not very good.

This game was never designed to be a full intensity title if it was i am sure Nintendo and Arika would have put more intense music to it and it would not be called Endless Ocean but for me its still a delight to play.

If you are interested in checking out the graphics mods this is a link to one of them

Endless Ocean 2, Endless Ocean II : Blue World Review, Tim Salt Writes
Until Till Next Time – Tim
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