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Arctic Air : Personal Air Cooler

The Arctic Air is a portable water cooled air purifier Humidifier and of course cooler there are a few different distributors of these from the likes of Home wares and Beauty product company JML in the uk and Ontel in the us and they all have slightly different branding but most use the Arctic Air name

For this review I was testing my new cooler in a heatwave here in the uk. 

So here is my review. 

Design & Mood Lighting

Air, Arctic Air : Personal Air Cooler, Tim Salt Writes
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I quite like the cube design of the unit it’s quite small and fit nicely on the top of my bedside drawers alongside my alarm clock and my lamp. I love the mood lighting it’s a bit of gimmicky thing these days as they are in everything even my keyboard is backlit ok keyboards have been doing it for some time now my G510 Logitech keyboard is backlit but then that is a lower end but still gaming/precision setup keyboard. However the blue power light I would like to turn off at night but you cant do that.

I would also have liked to have seen a bigger filter that fits the whole space but I can see why it doesnt as the tank takes a fair bit of space around it on the inside and there is something else I will mention in a bit. 


The power demand is a nice taking only 1-amp USB connection thats pretty good and understandable as it is portable so a 1-amp USB plug will do fine here and you can get those absolutely everywhere for next to nothing 

I am not 100% sure but the 120mm fan will only draw a small amount itself so its not a bad combination here. To give an example of how little the Arctic Air asks for in the grand scheme of things devices these days dont usually charge for anything less than 2 amps.

Water capacity 

The tank is slim but decently sized but it takes quite a bit of water to fill it and I have found it will suck the tank dry in about 5 hours on high mode and 6 in medium but I did find medium made me feel sticky quite quickly put on high its fine and I explain the cause of this later on in this review. 

Air circulation 

I have read loads of reviews on this aspect and well most are not far off others are yeah now I have found so far when I tried it in a big area it is like the reviews said next to useless because the fan in it cant shift anywhere near as much air as a free standing or desk fan with a bigger fan and blades can however  its more effective in smaller rooms and on things like on my bedside drawers.  


No problems here the manual says change it every six months I am happy with that however there is one reason I think its quite small and thats water the filter takes water from the tank as it needs it obviously so a bigger filter means more water = equals bigger tank = bigger fan = overall bigger size. But I have found the filter can get a little over saturated at times so it May leak a little water out its not been a problem for me I just placed a few pieces of kitchen roll under it to soak it up.


The noise is not too bad if you have a tv on as I have found it pretty much masked but it’s still there and it’s not the devices fault it’s a bit noisy this is just a side effect of running a fan of this size at full power believe me though it’s nothing compared to running a 200mm (20cm) PC fan at full power with an output of around 3500 RPM so its ok.

But at medium and lower setting it’s got a big drawback it really slows down and as a result shifts nowhere near as much heat so you will remain hotter than at full but this could have been resolved in my view by fitting a ball bearing lubricated silenced fan like the one below and the cost would be pretty minimal when manufactured and it would be better for it. 

Smell & Water Type

Smell well I am not sure what else to call it really it puts out a smell out a bit like a swimming pool with an edge of stale not sure exactly what causes this could but guessing on this it could be the material in the filter as on its own chlorine is odourless.

Neither the manual or the website mentions a preferred type of water to use but I do recommend filtered water if you have access to it because it will remove the chlorine and some other small amounts of chemicals found in tap water so it’s not going to have a reaction with the filter and potentially cause the stale swimming pool smell.

In conclusion

Is it worth it? Well yes and no in the fact it’s not for everyone and some claims are exaggerated and your just you might want a bigger cooler if you need to cool a large area.

The air output is much cooler than my fan when at high when used in a smaller area at lower settings as I said before it’s not as good because the fan is just not spinning fast enough to help dissipate some of the hot air as it enters and to help the water filter cool it right down as it exits a comprise of noise & cooling effect. 

If you can get one of these units for around £20 like I did it’s a good price above that it’s a bit much with the flaws it’s got I think right now the Argos and Wilkinson price in the UK of £40 for the Arctic Air is way too much.

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