Amiga A600

The Amiga A600 was the original Commodore brands replacement to the A500 and A500+ smaller by losing the number pad on the keyboard and running with a Motorola 6800 cpu which was a very popular cpu used in many consoles of the time for both as a sound processor and as a processor like the amiga did.

So Much Fun

For me I had played on both as my uncle had the A500 and we had an A600

At that time it was so cool playing games like Pushover which had quavers sponsorship Thunderbirds which I got for my birthday cant remember what year it was now Turrican II the final fight and Alien Breed most infatuating game I played just nudging out Canon Fodder by sensible software who made sensible soccer series.

Amiga, Amiga A600, Tim Salt Writes

(Destruction imminent runs through my head) When thinking of alien breeding and inadvertently killing yourself by hitting the door locks and blocking access to turbo lifts and escape to the next level which was harder than the last and if you also hadnt been paying attention the games Intex terminals maps which were not always easy to find or accessible then you were done for as you could get lost so easily!.

When we sold it can’t remember when it was exactly now it was later when myself and my brother wished we had not. So when I found an A600 in game in Derby a few years back think its 2015 or 16 for £55 I had to have it because the system was a such big part of my childhood.

Amiga, Amiga A600, Tim Salt Writes

Repairing it

I was excited to relive my memories on the newly acquired machine however the 25 years have not been good to the Amiga as most are yellowed or yellowing because of a compound in the plastics Bromine I believe it’s called and it reacts with UV light I could retrobrite it but its a complicated process but with with uk weather getting hotter every year it might be time to do it soon as it needs temperature to do it.

Despite the yellowing issue Figuring out what would be needed to repair/replace was not too difficult and I got the A600 stripped down heres where some problems reared their heads as everything on the Amiga is so brittle due to age in my case the wire on the drive status indicator light came clean off.

Owning an Amiga is a bit like owning a classic car

Amiga, Amiga A600, Tim Salt Writes
Image :

This is when you start realising owning a classic Amiga is like owning a classic car really as parts are far from cheap as they are getting harder and harder to find as most Amigas owned have been or are being restored and new preproduction parts are expensive a 1mb upgrade for example can be around £50 alone thats crazy as memory in MB at low level is pennies to make. 

Thankfully after a few hours searching I had all the parts needed to repair the Amiga replacing the standard green status indicator lights with more modern style aftermarket blue LED ones (Perfect fit!) And upgraded the old Amiga 2.05 kick-start ROM with a v3 kick-start ROM from the current license owner a 5-minute job.

All I needed to do now was to replace the ageing disk drive with floppy emulation a job I thought would be simple yeah… No the ribbon cable was too short to put the drive on the outside and inside was not an option as I did not have an adaptor plate.

Thankfully grabbing a 30cm ribbon cable which prices seem to be rising on sorted the issue out and a bit of Velcro secured it on the outside.

Boot it up and running it

Amiga, Amiga A600, Tim Salt Writes

Unfortunately this is where my Article comes to an end with the real Amiga no matter what I did I could not get the Amiga to boot the updated 2017 Selector image for the floppy emulator it should read 000 on the floppy emulator counter with the memory stick in and boot the selector but it’s just dead.

But I am however going to finish this piece off with the glorious world of Amiga emulation software it is important to know you will require copies of the Amiga firmware to make these run properly.

Gaming (FS-UAE) 

Well with the real amiga causing me some problems. This was not exactly the easiest to write so I am pretty much going to radically alter it to make it more straightforward.

How do the games play after 25+ years

Well… Pretty good actually maybe not graphics wise but gameplay theyre still good and there have been some well-known titles that were on the Amiga amongst other systems that have gone on to even greater things (I am not covering the likes of Thunderbirds which mostly did well as a result of the tv series.


Amiga, Amiga A600, Tim Salt Writes

This was originally not part of the frontier developments games history however in a share sale to the public sale they claimed the game series as part of its back catalogue and are as current its rights holder and it was rebooted a few years back with Elite: Dangerous an online MMORPG

Alien Breed

Amiga, Amiga A600, Tim Salt Writes

Alien Breed was not the first or last series to base itself heavily on the film franchise Alien but its a great game its no wonder it got a reboot from Team 17 in 2009 with Alien Breed: Impact Assault and Descent finishing the trilogy I picked the collection up in 2014 for £1.

Mortal Kombat

Amiga, Amiga A600, Tim Salt Writes

A real heavy hitter on the Amiga when it was developed by Midway originally for arcade it has now spawned a bunch of newer games including Mortal Kombat XL on the PS4 with rave reviews with its new developer Nether realm and publisher EA.


One of my favourite titles alongside Captain Planet (A live-action film is being produced currently.) and Thunderbirds.

This series went onto being a big success with several major spin-off titles and a lemmings rebranded game was released for IOS called cavemen but Sony gave its developer a cease and desist letter it was taken down.

So to end while I have covered games on the amiga repairing it etc I am going to finish taking a look at one of my favorite Productivity programs that I remember from growing up and how it looks after all this time. 

Pinball Dreams

Another heavy hitter on the Amiga and highly regarded as having amongst the best physics of any pinball game released and I remember many a night playing this game on the real Amiga back in the 90s

Sadly 21st Century Entertainment and Digital Illusions no longer exist but that did not stop small developer Cowboy Rodeo picking up the rights to it in 2009 and porting it successfully to the Playstation 3 PSP and the later vote on the Sonys Mini platform which can play both mini-games with no problems and you can check this out on Retropie if you dont have a Sony device.

Productivity & Infamy

Amiga, Amiga A600, Tim Salt Writes

The photoshop of the 90s well sadly its not doing as good as the graphics tech of these days as its now pretty basic.

I remember using this back in the day and I loved it I Could never emulate the designers at Electronic arts even though I would have loved to have done it even at 64 colours and it had all the basics in program like text and copying a close example of deluxe paint now is Microsoft paint (Not 3D version)


The Amiga 600 like its predecessor and the later models were known for piracy by using the likes of X-Copy to copy games and the growth in pirate games went crazy and I must admit I think ours probably had a fair few of them too.

Developers eventually started getting smart to this and started putting in Bad Data Blocks which did not affect the original disk but enough to cripple the copy.

Amiga, Amiga A600, Tim Salt Writes

that ends my Amiga piece its not gone 100% to plan and if I can get the real amiga up and running in the future i will come back to this piece and update it.


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