Gold Rush : The Game

I am an avid fan of the series which I suppose in some ways is more of a reality show these days so when the game was announced by Code Horizon a while back now I was excited of course it turned out it had Discovery backing.

So its been a while in the planning this review and at the time of doing this I am running the latest release.


, Gold Rush : The Game, Tim Salt Writes

Its a steam game so of course its downloadable through the steam store for about £15 there is plans for a console version but there has been nothing said on that for sometime now and considering code horizon is now working on a another title with Discovery I doubt there will be one anytime soon.

Game Engine

, Gold Rush : The Game, Tim Salt Writes

Gold Rush : The Game is built in the unity engine and I have to say its a pretty good job that code horizon have done with it considering its there first game and its this game mostly came about as a result of crowd funding but I would have maybe liked to have seen this go through more optimization before it was released but since discovery channel were sitting in the background on this I expect they May have got some demands to allow it to use the stars from the tv show and the naming 


, Gold Rush : The Game, Tim Salt Writes

I  like the graphics in Gold Rush: The Game ( the fictional graphics on the likes of the excavators and the other tools make them feel realistic and lifelike but there is a weird issue that occurs whenever you drop the game from high to medium the shadows look awful and feel like they are going to give you a seizure and a headache this has been present right from day one and I wish instead of adding more and more content that code horizon would damn well fix it.

thats not on my pc and this is something I have not come across very often with unity games and These days id say 70-75% of games are designed in unity and the rest in ethier unreal engine or propriety engine and that the way the textures load I found just turning away from something then looking at it the textures were just blurry and low quality and it took a few seconds to load them in pretty disappointing really.   

Gameplay & Options 

, Gold Rush : The Game, Tim Salt Writes

Gameplay wise I really like it and its fun to drive the likes of excavators Loaders bulldozers and front Loaders without the need for licences and the like and I like how you have to buy gold claims from the bank and they have to pay it back like you would in real life and when you get to a certain gold amount a jar now appears in the recovery tent filled with gold and its just nice to have in the game and its actually quite fun to spend time setting up a simple hog pan connected to a electric pump and water supply and and then digging for gold and then putting through the hog pan and then cleaning the mats to get the gold and having the likes of your machines breaking down or running out of fuel and then ethier fixing them or getting more fuel in them.

, Gold Rush : The Game, Tim Salt Writes

But there are some tedious things I would have liked Code Horizon to improve they dont need to be removed or massively changed in terms of what they do but to just increase the capture radius when trying to work with the bigger washplant parts for example to make it quicker to fit them instead of spending hours doing it inch by inch and make it feel less like your about to have tony beets in your ear saying Make It happening or Get It Done 

, Gold Rush : The Game, Tim Salt Writes

Menu wise its pretty nicely done but its basic but I actually like this as its quick to get into a ethier a new game or load one I have used before and everything else as can be seen in the screenshot can be found above the new game and load game options.

Soundtrack & Sounds

, Gold Rush : The Game, Tim Salt Writes

Alot of this is taken directly from the show it seems but thats not surprising considering how big a part Discovery have clearly played in this title and at first it was fine but after a while it does get a little repetitive and I found myself turning it off from the options and playing my music from youtube instead in the background it would have been nice if Code Horizon added a option to use your own music instead of the default music. 

Replay Value

, Gold Rush : The Game, Tim Salt Writes

This is a hard one to cover really because once you have done all of the current claims in the game there is not much more to do while there is plans to add more claims into the game with dlc etc this has not happened yet but you can restart the game and do the claims again so there is replay value but not a spectacular level of it. 

My final thoughts 

, Gold Rush : The Game, Tim Salt Writes

Well I think Gold Rush the game is unique considering nobody has done it in the past and another planned game like this crashed and burned and that site is long dead and inactive and there is nice aspects to this game and there is the bugs which still need to be fixed but it is worth the £15.00 and I would happily play it despite them. 

So its worth taking a look at. 

Until Next time 


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