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Animal crossing : New Horizons

Island Living

Well this has been a while in the making. “New Horizons” Was originally planned for 2019 but was delayed to March 2020.

This was mostly to keep it clear of other AAA titles in 2019. also this review was delayed due to covid19

Cost, Availability & Size

Well it’s brand new so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Its avaliable as a digital dowload and physical copy. The download version clocks in at a smallish 6GB @ £49.99 on the eshop. The physical copy is around £50.00 minus any discounts or deals.

Unity & Dev kit for AC: NH

Unlike Wild World, New Leaf and Happy home designer. New Horizons is the first Animal crossing game built on…

Unity! this has massive advantages and disadvantages for Nintendo and its AC development team. Its likely the unity software build was custom made for Nintendo by the unity team and therefore experimental.

The biggest advantage is as the switch OS is Linux means Nintendo does not need to code it’s own. All this reduces costs and also the need to have expensive development hardware.


Well this is animal crossing….. so

CUTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! is how I describe the graphics in one word its utterly adorable everything is designed to be bright and colourful.

New Leaf & Wild World were impressive for their time. However the switch with its Nvidia cpu able to clock upto 2.0GHZ with DDR4 dual channel ram.

And the Nvidia gpu and IPS display take the graphics in new horizons to a whole new level. All the graphics are crisp and the characters look so realistic and crisp. AC NH is using the switch hardware beautifully here.

Add to this everything else you wont find Blathers or Rosie the cat for example cursing in text bubbles. If you want that sort of thing go get grand theft auto or red dead redemption 2.

Soundtrack & Effects

Well what can I say its Animal crossing its all happy music with lots of energy and excitement thrown.

Everything has been beautifully composed by Nintendo and its audio engineers to create a unique soundtrack. The soundtrack seamlessly blends into the game. And there’s quite a few different genre’s from pop to metal etc here.

I could happily listen to any of the music for hours. Infact in my games Island home the theme song is usually playing.

Friendship & Online

The Online aspect of Animal Crossing: New horizons is considerably expanded from the day’s of New Leaf and Wild World. There is alot of fun to be had shopping, talking to villagers, Playing games.

But it goes beyond those you can send mail to your friends, send them gift’s. I nearly forget you can help a friend with wishing on stars in a meteor shower. And outside of the game itself facebook groups and discord groups are a great way to make in game friends.

Oh and you thought that was all….

Nope! you can gain a bucket load of nook miles+ for talking to villagers on your own and friends islands. And after a visit to another island you get 50 nook miles each time.

Some players are even doing “Catalogue Parties” these are pretty cool & Fun. Meeting on a friends island A Player puts items down on the floor. Another player then picks them up and puts them down. This Results in the item then appearing in the players own nook shopping to be bought later on.

PETA (Animal Rights)

Yes we have all heard of PETA over the years and well they cant leave well alone with anything….. of course if it’s animal related and yep animal crossing is no different.

PETA has claimed that gamers playing Animal crossing should not catch bug’s, fish.

Well I say eat my shorts

Catching bug’s, fish etc is a massive part of the game and collecting is well fun. Following PETA’S advice especially for a first time player means some of the below.

-Losing a chance to get to know NPC blathers
-The fun, time and occasional frustration of finding a rare bug or fish
– Mobile applications designed to track and record what you have found and donated.

(Some not all) of what PETA stands for of course I support. But in this case I don’t and the huge AC community are not ethier.

COVID19 & Lock Down

The world is a volatile & Scary place right now. Silly news from the likes of the us president, WHO giving constant scare news. Add that to the seemingly endless lock downs and effectively no real escape.

So this is where for so many me included Animal crossing New horizons has given back that small amount of vital escapism and company.

Thankfully as I write this lock down is easing in most countries. However its still not completely lifted especially in the uk. To date we can only meet outside in gardens or parks and not inside.

Mental Health & Prevent Losing Track.

Back in March I asked a question on Facebook. I wanted to find out if Animal crossing help’s with various mental health conditions.

I got over 200 responses to it. Some Amazing stories were shared with me and the majority of people said yes it did. Most people said it helped them to focus on something other than worrying and reduced stress levels this is great and anything that reduces the awful feelings from mental health is a plus.

However its important to keep track of other things you need to do it requires practice to achieve. But things getting Alexa or google home to remind you say after say 20 mins to revise.

In Game Event’s

When the game launched I knew about the upcoming Bunny Day event. I thought great this could be fun oh boy was I wrong… this is probably the first complaint I have.

Frustrating was the word i’d use all 40 DIY recipes in 12 day’s by shooting balloons. Not easy, not fun but certainly not as pointless really as the recent stamp rally which gave the same items for over a month. But the recent Wedding Season event was quite a lot of fun but slow at first.

Game Updates

Nintendo are well known for keeping things on time and rarely delay anything even in the current COVID19 situation.

Nice one Nintendo! 🙂 and like so many the upcoming July 2020 update is as exciting as when we found out about the dodgy art seller redd and the return of the art gallery to the museum.

And I am excited to see what comes next updates wise.

Things I dont Like

there are things I dont like with new horizons. I really would like to have 12 villagers instead of 10.

in my view there is enough space on the map for more but its a case of do you want more of an island aesthetic or more a small town? but of course this is as I say my view.

I would also like to see more design slots but the biggest one is Nintendo why wont you make the new animal crossing characters Amiibo cards!.

Trading in the game

To finish off my AC NH review piece is trading. Now trading in NH is a massive aspect especially if you are aiming to get all the items in the game. so for this reason online trading has become a big part of the game.

its a great way to get hard to find items and stuff you need pretty quickly so its got its downside and its upside.

that brings my review on Animal Crossing new horizons to an end.

Animal Crossing website :

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