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JML Chillmax

Another Arctic Air?

So the Chillmax Air is the follow up to the Arctic Air. I have decided to grab one to replace my Arctic Air and so I can review the Chillmax Air.

So without futher ado lets do it.


Cat - Paypurr Meme

Like the Arctic Air the Chillmax retail price is £39.00. Ordering it from Wilkinson for store delivery will cost £42.00. However home delivery from Wilkinson get’s pricey adding £5 to the cost so in the end it will cost £45.00

Upgrades And Improvements

Upgrades Meme Cat

JMC clearly took a fair bit of notice after the criticisms of the Arctic Air. They have been dealth with them in the Chillmax. The biggest ones for me are the filter are and new power supply.

JMC scrapped the paper filter from the Arctic Air and added a pretty chunky washable filter. Which can be thrown in the dishwasher or in the sink. A new mains plug has replaced the Arctic Air’s pretty lack luster USB 2.0 1 amp power supply (Cant help but think of Apollo 13 here with the line “you can’t run a vacuum cleaner on 12amps John!”).

I have a section on this later.

What I don’t Like

What I dont Like Meme

Well of course I could not talk about the Chillmax without things I don’t like with it. Guess what I there is not actually that many.

I am not keen on how JMC made the tank covers dark frosted grey. Leaving it much harder to see how much is in it.

Design over Arctic Air

Design - Chillmax Air

I Cannot say I don’t like the Chillmax’s design because I actually really like it. The button layout looks so much more pleasing than the Arctic Air. Having the blue light glow on the top is much better at night even though you can turn it off. JML also added some bigger clear cutouts on the buttons to make it easier to read even in the dark with the lighting.

Add to that the landscape style tank at the top. Allowing the device to be smaller and more compact than the Arctic. Another nice thing as a result of the landscape tank its able to keep roughly the same capacity. Reduced leaking is really nice too something the Arctic Air is prone to.

The grill is also nice as it can be moved around to tweak the flow.

Chillmax Air - The unit itself


Chillmax Air - Smell

I talked about this before with the Arctic Air. The smell I compared to a swimming pool as it smelled a bit stale when run.

A bit of research into led me to establish it is likely the paper filter. The Chillmax filter still has a very slight smell but its pretty weak.

Power improvements


The Chillmax Air has Ditched the weak underpowered USB Supply for a full uk mains plugin with a output of 5v at 1.5 amp. This might not seem that big a deal really but actually it is.

The additional 0.5 of an amp allows the Chillmax air’s cooling fan to run at nearly full speed on every speed setting.

I have mine setup over 6ft away from my bed on a shelf. The Chillmax handles this well. The Arctic Air struggled as a result of the humidifier overpowering the cooler part. This was all down to the lack of power.


Chillmax Air - Construction

Like the Arctic Air this is plastic construction but both are pretty robust so have no issues here. However like the Arctic it will like mark quite easily so need to be aware of that. Thankfully since the top is misted grey clear it wont be as bad.


Chillmax Air - Noise

Like the Arctic Air the Chillmax Air is as noisy at full speed.

That has not really changed then and its sort of expected with the new power supply. It chucks out a fair bit of cool air even on the lowest mode now. All this is great but as I say all this does come with a slight increase in noise as the fan is going faster.


Chillmax Air - Humidifier
Ultrasonic humidifier domestic, Air purifier.

The humidifier in the Chillmax Air seems to have a better balance now.

Thanks to this better balance its much more comfortable to have on. It’s much better than the Arctic which gets hot pretty quickly. As it only supports 1 amp it becomes like a heater rather than a cooler.

Filter Changes & Drying out

JML recommends changing the filter every 3-6 months so not that much different from the Arctic. Look after the filter it will probably last longer than that.

The advice to clean the filter once a week is not really just a recommendation in my view as without it the filter dries out very quickly and this results in the blue filter fins becoming hard and results in them not being able to absorb as much water.


Cat Meme - Conclusion

The Chillmax is a great follow up to the Arctic Air its so much more refined. As result of JML’s improvements it is so much better at cooling at all speed settings. And thanks to the power increase it seems the Humidifier is not overpowering the cooling effect.

Do I think its perfect? no there is room for improvements still I would like to see the incorporation of a even a basic UV light.

This would however raise some saftey concerns over the electromagnetic radiation but it would destroy micro-organisms in normal tap water hence why UV light is used in various things including sterilisation.

Updated: 03.06.2020

JML Website : https://www.jmldirect.com/at-home/utensils-and-gadgets/chillmax-air-persona-space-air-cooler-and-humidifier/

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