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Lotus II

Turbo Challenge II

Continuing my Amiga Game flashback’s which started with Lotus III. I am now going to flashback review Lotus Turbo Challenge II.


I get asked a lot what emulator/setup I use to create my Amiga content. Well I use Amiga Forever Plus. It’s pre-built Workbench 3.X base has everything I need for Whdload.

Lotus II - Amiga Forever


Lotus II - Available

Like Lotus III this is getting hard to find now especially on the likes of the Amiga but the R.E.C.S version for mega drive and lotus II for the likes of the CPC are not so difficult to find.

Also, like III Amiga versions are going for £30.00+ and this is likely to rise further.

Main menu

Lotus II - Menu

Like Lotus III its pretty basic compared to some modern games there is no DLC, no graphics options and loot boxes and no in game app purchases. but this game can be played spilt screen or by connecting two amiga’s together.

Gameplay & Graphics

Lotus II - Motorway

Lotus II differs from the later Lotus III as there is no championship mode here. The game is more or less a checkpoint to checkpoint race game similar to that titles like outrun & turbo outrun.

You get points for every race you complete. And you switch cars in every stage. Its a fun little racing game even if there is only a few stages to play and no track editor like Lotus III. The graphics are pure 16 bit quality and like Lotus III the chunky car & scenery graphics are just absolutely charming in their own right and I still love that 28 years on.

Car choices

There are only 2 in this game cover car lotus Elan SE and the Turbo Esprit SE and there is nothing more. I would have liked there to have been other lotus models but considering limitations its understandable I still thought it was cool.


Lotus II - Soundtrack

Unlike Lotus III the soundtrack in Lotus II is not changeable but the music has been carefully considered for each stage. For example the night stage has a nighttime feel. It is a shame you cannot choose music in this game but its not a major loss.

Replay Value

Lotus II - Replay

Very much like Lotus III this becomes pretty dull after a while without the track editor there is not much to do really once you have done all of the stages. There is some other little Easter eggs though which add a bit more but not much.

Easter Egg’s

I cannot remember many games that had hidden content. Especially in the early 1990’s but Lotus II is one. Entering “DUX” in the password field launches a fairground style duck shooting game. This adds a bit more fun to the game and I must admit I enjoyed it between sessions on the main game.


Lotus II - Conclusion

Lotus II is one of those games to me that will always be a classic and timeless its got its flaws. But to be honest can you name a game from the amiga era in the early 1990’s that was flaw free I can’t think of many.

For me I can live with them and the game being short. And I there is still something timelessly charming & warming about the graphics that newer games can’t replicate.

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