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Pokemon Lets Go : Eevee/Pikachu edition

So Pokemon Let’s go has been out for a while and its time for my review of it.

A return to Kanto

I must admit when this was announced I wanted it sadly I had not got a switch but I liked the idea of the Kanto return and the content.

Cost, Availability & Download size

Let’s go is pretty new still so getting it is not a problem you can download it from the Nintendo E-Shop or get a code from a shop like game.

My copy cost £37 from Amazon along with my switch console so total was around £311.

Price wise it’s hit and miss in my view it’s slightly over priced but nowhere near as bad as some games which are £55 – £60 that’s just crazy.

(and yes, Pokemon Sword and Shield are going to be around £60.00!)

The digital version of these games comes in at 4.1GB but it’s smaller than most games on the switch so that’s nice here but I suspect Sword and Shield will be slightly bigger.

Game Play

As someone who played the original game’s back in 1997, I love the decision taken to go back to those days.

Is this a stop gap for Nintendo to see if the rpg style & mobile Pokémon go connection works before it releases Sword and shield?

Well… yes it certainly feels like it.

For me I like that interactivity but that is where I have some slight issues. I hate the decision to remove wild Pokémon battling to focus solely on collecting this makes it so much harder.

Japanese game dev’s seem to love making things harder the below is a perfect example from polyphony digital.

(Don’t think I have had to suffer so much dev induced Rage quitting in many years!)

That’s not the only issue I have with this game the story line in places is beyond messed up in places and I don’t understand what was wrong with sticking to the original storyline.

Ok so I have mentioned a ton things I don’t like in the game play aspect wise is there anything I do like?


Well yes I really like how Game Freak said only the 151 generation Pokémon would appear in this game.

I must admit however I am still on the fence to whether having Meltan since it is not a first generation pokemon and sort goes against the game’s origins.

RPG Style

I also hope Game freak keeps the RPG style.

But cleans it up a bit and adds missing animation’s instead of things like being handed an invisible Pokedex or items which just looks down right weird

You can do better than that Game Freak you have the space and tech now but its still probably one of the best I have seen in a while


Let’s go also keeps the original soundtrack from Red, Blue and Yellow its understandably better than the original games as we have Stereo & Digital audio now.

In Conclusion / Final Thought’s

I think Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu whilst being a stop gap for Nintendo are very nice entries in the timeline.

Having these also gives those who were not around in 1998 chance to try them out. Will it ever be as good for someone with fond memories of those day’s?

Well that’s for you to decide.

for me both will hold a special place maybe not in the same way as they did in 1998 but at the end of the day I do like them.

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