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Eevee Tamagotchi

Pokemon's cute star gets minimised

The Eevee Tamagotchi is the first virtual pet based on the popular anime series first starting in 1997 in the UK.

As I always do in my reviews I will talk a bit about the spec’s and then move on to my review. Sadly these are widely believed to have been discontinued now and will never see English version.

Importing them into the UK may come with a customs charge depending on the import method the seller uses.

Not a traditional Tamagotchi & Specs

The Eevee Tamagotchi is not a traditional virtual pet format as it runs on Bandai’s Nano Tamagotchi model. In fact its identical and even on the back of the device it actually says “Bandai 2010”

Do I like the nano base?

Well… yes to an extent button cell in the nano model’s are less prone to leakage and causing a huge corroded mess than traditional cells like AA.

CPU & Rom?

I highly suspect the Eevee Tamagotchi CPU is identical to that in the other Nano Tamagotchi’s in hardware.

Powering the Tamagotchi is I suspect a 8bit General Plus GPLB CPU with 4 to 8mb ROM chip in this case with Eevee data.

It’s not possible to know exactly what model the cpu is as the chip is covered in tough black epoxy. I am also not going to ruin an Eevee Tamagotchi to attempt to find out.

This seemed to become a bigger thing after Nintendo lost millions after Wii solder less mod chips appeared and Nintendo started demanding CPU’s were covered in epoxy.

The General Plus CPU is rumoured to be a rebranded and slight evolution of MOS technologies own CPUs’ from the 1980’s like the 6502.

the spec sheets for the GPLB shows they have RTC chips and timers not that unusual.

Power up Eevee

It’s so cute, even before getting out of the packaging, I was so close to not touch it, but I am going to get a 2nd one to keep for collection at some point.

This one I am just going to play with and I really like the demo sticker on the packaging.

A simple tug of the battery isolator tab and

it boots right up to the clock screen and this is easy to set if you have used a Tamagotchi in the past. Then a quick press of the c button and a Pokemon egg appears on the screen.

Eevee Tamagotchi Hatching Egg
Hatching Egg

Ommmgg!!! Thought it was cute on the packaging and nano’s design, but at this point became beyond adorable after about 20-25 seconds the egg cracks open.

After the screen flashes a few times Eevee appears on the screen.

Controls & JAPANESE text

I could not help look at it every few minutes and then until it got to 8 pm or 20:00 hrs and Eevee went to sleep which is also so adorable.

Loads of people have asked me if it’s hard to read the Japanese text and well…

I cannot read Japanese but if you have messed around with a tamagotchi before its not that difficult to figure things out. There is a translated guide on the net as well.


The Eevee tamagotchi has 2 of them and they are pretty fun to play.

1. is a fruit catching game where you have to catch what looks like apples while missing evolution stones. If you land on a Evolution stone the game ends.

After 3 day’s if you have not played this game again Eevee will evolve into it. the game is controlled with the A and B buttons.

2. The other game is a music one where you have to match the letters on the screen with the a b c buttons on the Tamagotchi.

both games are fun to play but can be a bit hard due to small buttons.

Life Cycle and Death?

Unlike a normal Tamagotchi there is no deaths in this Tamagotchi.

If neglected They just walk off the screen and then it shows an open poke ball with what I suspect is the words bye bye as seen below.

My first Eevee has lasted since I got it in early march so just under a month which is not bad. Hard reset for a new Eevee?

Nope a button combination gives you a new Eevee think I pressed A and C together (I will check that)

Final thought’s

I love the little critters in this Tamagotchi its super cute.

Size wise it’s a little too small However considering Bandai’s primary consideration was kids then this is perfect.

I would have liked to have seen a more feature rich version in a slightly bigger case for teens and Pokemon collectors and adults.

this image shows the size difference

Full Size Vpet VS Eevee Tamagotchi comparison

Other than size issues and the lack of features, I really like this Tamagotchi its not difficult to use even in Japanese.

It’s a nice Pokemon item to have and surprisingly. this Tamagotchi is also a great way to remove stress.

Eevee Tamagotchi page :

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