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Argon One

Argon One is a new case for the raspberry PI 3 and 3B+ so it won’t work on earlier versions. This case was kick-starter funded back in 2018.

And now in march 2019. Now that the kick starter is over I thought I’d grab one myself and give it a look.

Getting hold of this case

Finding an Argon One was not difficult, they are easy to get from Amazon which is where mine came from. Even though I ordered it from Ebay (seller just sends everything from there slightly bizarre)

I paid £30 for it which is not bad and about right price. So lets move on as there is not much to say here.


Now I always do unboxing’s for anything I review on my site. So lets unbox this case I took lots of pictures for this.

The main box design is pretty nice and small. A nice printed image of the case and the words Argon One written below it. Along the top and bottom the words “Argon Forty” appear this is the maker of this case.

On the sides, one has the website address and the other says “Argon One”. The dark grey and black shiny text really suit it.

Nothing looks cheap and proves that even on a small budget, quality can be achieved.

Moving forwards inside the box itself.

There is not much and that’s ok this is not like a £1000 iPhone here. Inside you will find the case wrapped in a similar style to that of the Retro-Flag cases. A set of really detailed instructions is also included.

Building the case.

So I read the instructions thoroughly before I started putting this case together. While I read the instructions thoroughly it did give me a few issues however there are nice point’s here too.

The included Extension board which connects into the Pi 3’s AUX port and the HDMI output is nice. However, if you’re like me and had a slight bend on a few i/o pins the board wont connect.

After fixing my bent pin issue everything was really simple to Install. All i needed to do was bend the extension board slightly to get it slotted into place.

3 screws hold the board down.

These are as follows one on the Pi itself and 3 on the extension board and that’s about it really. To finish the case the transparent bottom piece is secured with 4 more screws.

I must admit at this point I really like that Argon Forty put the screws at the sides. This is much better placement than under the feet.

And that is it really for the Install and Honestly its not that difficult and took 5 minutes.

Setting up the script for the power button

The script easily installs on Linux builds for Pi. However there is no instructions for emulation station use.

But its not too hard to install if you have access to Putty on PC or laptop. Just dropping the command line code when you are connected to the pi and away it goes. For some reason you cannot do this on a phone with Rasp Manager it just wont work.

Nice to see you!

With the Argon One’s base being transparent you can see the pi’s bright LED status lights at the front. Having them also gives you that reassuring feeling all is well as the indicators show more than access and power.

SD card access

Argon Forty did a nice job here too. I find the Super Pi SD card slot is a pain in the backside its hard to remove. On more than one occasion I found myself needing something to get behind it to pull it out.

This is thankfully not the case with the Argon One. The SD card slides in and out easily even if you are a nail biter and have no nails.


The Argon One’s base is clouded Acrylic. The Argon One’s main shell is laser cut aluminium with 2 massive grills cut into it down the sides.

These grills provide further cooling so it weighs more than a plastic pie shell.

I must admit there is something reassuring about that. Plus if you accidentally drop the argon one case it’s is more likely to break the floor. So this gets a thumbs up from me here.

Running temps

The Argon one is pretty smart in this aspect its pre fitted with a 30mm fan controlled with a script. The advantage of this allows the pie to remain cool if it starts getting too hot.

I have not once had it above 50c using Kodi or basic retro gaming session. The argon one a aluminium cooling block over the CPU.

Redirecting the GPIO

I love the second GPIO board on this case it gives a massive advantage over so many other pi cases. Alot of cases don’t give you any access to the pins or make it awkward. The colour coding and the text descriptions are just a really nice addition to this.

Argon Power

The Argon Forty team has even gone beyond the case. Offering’s include a branded 3 amp power supply for the PI 3 & 3b+. Is it worth it? well… this depends on you at the end of the day. Those with the official PSU from the foundation will probably agree there is no point.

Argon one, Flirc case, retro flag and final thoughts?

This is a hard one I really like them all. But for me the Argon One just edges them out for me. This is mostly because it is better equipped in terms of cooling & features.

Argon One website : https://www.argon40.com/argon1/argon-one-mini-computer-case-for-raspberry-pi-3-b-b.html

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