Amstrad NC-100 Data Transfer process

With the restoration of the Amstrad NC-100 completed I wanted to cover the data transfer aspect over serial RS232.


Putty control Panel - Extra Putty - Amstrad NC-100 Old style communciations
extra PuTTY window

Initially I grabbed a cheap RS-232 to USB connector for windows. after a bit of figuring things out it was detected and setup easily in windows 10.

However after several attempts putty did not like it for some reason and failed to communicate with the NC-100. I jumped on Google at this point and had a hunt for information.

BINGO! I found a NC-100 data transfer piece written in 2005 however it was well… pretty much useless information really as it was for apple’s MAC OSX and I was using windows.

After several hours I had got a working basis to start trying things out but it became clear I still needed a null modem cable.

At this point I knew this part of my restoration was dead in the water and I was not going to spend £35.00 on a USB Null modem cable.

To make matters a little harder still I had not got a computer with a RS 232 port until my friend martin came to my aid.

Image result for problem meme cat

Dell Latitude X300

Martin Let me grab his Mum’s old Dell X300 which she no longer uses. It’s not the greatest in terms of performance these day’s but for my needs it was spot it had the RS232 I needed for the null modem cable.

Running windows XP meant I could use extra PuTTY again on this machine replacing the awkward to use Hyper terminal.

Getting Extra Putty up and running on the X300

Booting up into putty was no problem and as I had worked out the settings part from the information in the OSX document I was able set everything up in extra PuTTY.

PuTTY quickly threw up the same problem I had before and I was not able to get a connection as seen below in the screenshot.

I checked everything in the NC-100’s own setup configuration for the networking all was good. I then returned back to PuTTY.

Unfortunately I was still not able to get a connection with PuTTY using the NC-100’s Xmodem 1k send option.

Late Sending Issues?

Nah, I just decided to check out the alternative transfer mode, simply on the menu as “send”

The NC-100 now quickly fired the data across to Extra Putty as in the below image. “110 characters sent” perfect the rest is NC-100 data which PuTTY does not use so it does not ask for it.

Putty received the sent data in raw format. I was not able to find a way to store the info in a text file.

However, it was not hard to copy everything and create a text file.

What Happens to the X300 Now?

Well to be honest not a lot really it has done a great job for helping me complete this Amstrad NC-100 piece.

But It may be used for some older games in the not to distant future and possibly something to do with the Tandy WP-3.

How did I find this?

Simple Answer… Annoying because of the lack of information and taking the mac information and translating it for Windows use. Will I do it again? I have not decided. I do however also own a hard to find Tandy WP-3 now i am edging to see if I can transfer data with that.

If you have not read it you can check out my restoration piece on the NC-100 here

link to the Mac information I adapted:

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