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BTY V407 Battery Charger Review

Is it any good?

My Review of the Amazon bought BTY V407 multi type battery charger which retails for just over £12. 

This is based on my personal views and thought’s on both good and bad.

Specs & Powering up

This battery charger comes in a basic printed box with pictures and information on it. There is no external power supply, it is powered from either a USB type C or Micro USB port.

After inserting a USB cable this charger quickly starts up. “Null” then appears on the screen if no cells are in the ports nice.

Impressive Support

The list of supported cell types for the BTY V407 battery charger is pretty impressive and some battery chargers don’t support them. And certainly not at the price point this charger sells for.

It includes all the standard ones like Ni-MH and the likes of Li-Fe & Li-ion.

Screen & Information

The backlit LCD screen on this charger is a nice feature, its bright and if you are a geeky person its cool.

The display’s provides various information on the cells in use. These include things like current, voltage and cell type infomation.

No Charging time estimates

I would have liked to have seen a charging timer on the screen. There is no information regarding charging times in the manual either.

However a bigger issue I have with the screen. The current indicator reads 0 even if the cell’s have power that is not good. A zero charge indication is not good most devices won’t even allow a zero charge state. This state can wreck the chemistry of the cell(s).

That’s why the likes of your phone or nintendo switch auto turn off at like 12% reserving a little power.


This battery charger is light compared to the likes of the Energizer rapid battery chargers. That is not necessarily a good thing.

There is no weight information on the box. Placing the unit on the scales gave me a weight of 146g (5.15/0.32lb)

Construction Casing

like most battery chargers it is of course plastic. The BTY407 feels a little flimsy compared to the likes of energizer models. Pretty sure if you dropped this it would chip or get some form of damage.

Internal construction..

I was really pleased to chat with someone else who owns one of these battery chargers. I managed to get some insight on this aspect as well (they have asked for not to be named)

Apparently the inside construction (I am not saying take your charger to bits) is not quite as good as the outside. The wires are not the tidiest, the slider springs fire out like they are being shot out of a cannon.

And the metal sliders for the batteries just fall out if they even get the slightest touch. All that would be needed to stop this would be a simple clip.

Final thoughts & Value for money

well if you are on a budget then the BTY V407 battery charger with features offered. It is worth the money. However issues like not being able to charge 4 cells in series. These make me wonder if this will end up costing more in the long run. Also not forgetting the issues with the screen, build quality makes me wonder how long it will last.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money. I recommend getting a one with a power plug.

So that’s it for this review

Link for this charger on Amazon uk : https://www.amazon.co.uk/SODIAL-BTY-V407-Battery-Charger-Li-ion-blue/dp/B07KY8XCJD/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1548369941&sr=8-1&keywords=bty+v407

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