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Titanic Honor & Glory Demo III

Titanic Honor & Glory Demo III. This is the final demo for this upcoming title that has been in development for a few years.

Getting it to run

Like a lot of in development/Early access titles (not all) Titanic Honor & Glory does not have a setup program or anything like that. The application executable is easy enough to locate inside the folder you extract.

Just booting into Titanic Honor & Glory game/simulation I don’t exactly know how to class it. And you really even at this stage see how much effort the development team are putting in.

Titanic Honor and Glory Demo III - Main Menu

Into Belfast 1912

at the start of Demo III you start in a train carriage heading to the docks. You are going there a few days before it departs from Belfast on sea trials.

Everything from things like rail cars to toilets are detailed. It’s nice to see them though they wont be included in the games initial launch.

Belfast will likely appear later as DLC.

Lets get on the ship

(I adjusted the brightness and gamma from this point as it was a little too bright for me)

Getting on the ship is also different in this demo thanks to the inclusion of Belfast.

Oh Its So Beautiful

stepping onto the ship through the partially closed gate it hits you again and that is the quality.

And There is something about walking up the grand staircase I love even in the virtual world. Its just so elegant and classy.

But the Titanic was designed to be classy.

Even the area’s hidden away like the boiler rooms and places like the lower classes dining rooms. You would expect detail to drop slightly but no its exactly the same as the other parts.

Then doing things like walking down narrow passageways. I can only imagine the fear in the passengers on that fateful night in 1912.

Easter eggs

This is such a nice touch I absolutely love Easter eggs in software titles. And it’s nice to see references to Titanic Adventure Out Of Time.

This sign in demo 3 can be found in the Belfast shipyard
AOOT refrence
This Easter egg is from the game from 1996 by cyberflix: Titanic Adventure out of time I wont spoil the story if you have never played it. For those that have this is a nice throwback to it.
Delevoper support message
this can be found on the grand staircase

That game has become a classic amongst Titanic fan’s and historians even now. I suspect its likely that Titanic Honor & Glory will become another highly respected title.

That’s it for my short review of Titanic Honor & Glory Demo III. I will do a more through one when the title is released.

official website for this title :

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