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Swat 4 : Flashback

Standby, Standby... GO-GO-GO!

Swat 4 is the successor to Swat 3 from the now defunct Sierra Software released in the mid 2000’s

Swat 3 or Swat 4?

Originally I had planned to review Swat 3 instead of Swat 4 and it is possible to download this from GOG games and I have it. Swat 3 is pretty old and it struggles to work on modern systems. Of course I could go down the line of OS emulation but that takes a fair bit of time to setup.

So I as a result I choose to review Swat 4 instead.


This is a temporary image I will replace it soon

I like it the mix of action, suspense and how to get through a map without obliterated in a hail of gun fire that I have come to love from this game series its just well… fun.

But if a hail of gunfire was not enough when you get to the later stages of the game it really starts getting tricky with incendiary devices and timers while taking out the bad guys at the same time.

However, despite the game being incredibly short more so than Swat 3 thanks to improved AI and improvements, how hostages react and equipment control you are able to live with the short storyline.

But without the modding capabilities it becomes repetitive and you find yourself able to complete it quicker and quicker every time.

I had to do it sorry……


Swat 4’s graphics engine is pretty old by today’s standards and has a few Gremlins that make it harder to play without some adjustments.

Biggest one of note is screen tearing & other issues include runaway frame rates. Swat 4 is not alone in these issues Lego Harry Potter 1-4 also had issues. this below shot is an example of screen tearing from Capcom’s Dead Rising 2

Fixing the Glitches

Most games have a V-sync (Vertical Synchronisation) option which makes the game sync to the refresh rate of the monitor, projector or tv.

Advantage of V-Sync is that it synchronises the GPU(s) to the output device resulting in a smooth game. However, in some cases it can actually slow performance. On newer monitors V-sync is not needed as much thanks to better hardware support.

The Future 

Well the series is dead with the demise of Vivendi and the sierra studio and there will be no 5th instalment…

Well, not completely an indie developer is working on Ready or Not a spiritual successor which has taken a lot of its roots from this series.

However Ready Or Not is more bloody and violent and I suspect it will throw up a bit of controversy on release.

In closing 

Swat 4 remains a pretty fun title and one worth playing even many years on whether it will fade away when Ready or Not is released is yet to be seen.

swat is avail on gog :

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