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Arctic Air : Personal Air Cooler

Arctic air is a portable water cooled air purifier & humidifier and of course cooler there are a few different distributors of these. They all have slightly different branding but the majority use the Arctic Air name.

For this review I was testing my new cooler in a heatwave here in the uk. 

So here is my review. 

Design & Mood Lighting

I quite like the cube design of the unit it’s fairly small and fit nicely on my bedside table alongside my alarm clock and my lamp.

The mood lighting is a bit gimmicky as it seems to be a part of everything now. Even my keyboard is backlit. I would have liked the option to turn the blue power light off but they decided against that option.


Arctic Air - High voltage

The usb power requirement of 1 amp is sadly not enough for the arctic air to be effective as a cooler. The lack of power means it cannot spin the fan’s fast enough to balance both the cooler and the humidifier.

This results in the filter getting hot and drying out quickly and making the air heat up really fast making things sticky and uncomfortable.

Water capacity 

Arctic Air - Water Tank

The tank looks slim on the outside but it’s a bit of an optical illusion really its quite large and takes a good amount of water. My filling estimates are close to 600 to 700ml of water.

Air circulation 

Arctic Air - Airflow

I have read loads of reviews on this aspect and well, most are not far off, others are yeah.

Now, I have found so far when I tried it in a big area it is like the reviews said next to useless because the fan in it can’t shift anywhere near as much air as a free standing or desk fan with larger surface area’s.

This is partly because of what I mentioned earlier in the power section


Arctic Air - Filter

No problems here the manual says change it every six months that’s pretty good. You will get around 4 hours out of it with a full tank on full power.

That’s not too good compared to the 2019 JML Chillmax Air model.

However, I have found the area around the filter can leak a little at it’s has not been a problem for me, I just placed a few pieces of kitchen roll under it to soak it up.


The noise is not all that bad if you have a tv on as I have found it pretty much masked but it’s still there and it’s not the device’s fault.

It is a little noisy at full power but it’s no more than a pc in a lot of cases but it could have been reduced a huge amount by fitting a silenced fan.

Smell & Water Type

Smell/ Odour

I am not sure what else to call it a smell out a bit like a swimming pool with an edge of stale really comes of this filter. the cause this is likely the materials used in the paper filter as on its own cleaning chemicals like chlorine are odourless.

Neither the manual or the website mentions a preferred type of water to use in the cooler.

In conclusion

Is it worth it?

Well, yes and no in the fact it’s not for everyone and some claims are exaggerated. If you need to cool a large area then a larger cooler is probably the best choice as I said earlier.

At lower settings it’s not as good because the fan is just not spinning fast enough to cool the hot air as it enters meaning it still comes out hot.

If you can get one of these units for around £20 like I did it’s a good price
above that it’s a bit much with the flaws

Amazon link to this cooler : https://www.amazon.co.uk/JML-Arctic-Air-Portable-humidifier/dp/B079Y71MDJ

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