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Superpi case controller

Tear Down Time

So, a while ago I picked up the RetroFlag SuperPi case and it is just cool. And I have been asked if I would tear it down.

So I have done just that now so let’s take a look.

Build quality 

The controller is built pretty solidly and is held together with 5 00 Cross head screws. The nice thing here is there is no fiddly clips or the like to remove the shell and as a result just lifts straight off.

Inside the controller. 

In the case of the controller first thing that is visible is the back of the controller’s PCB. Molex connector for the USB Power and the shoulder button connections. I have not seen one done like this in a while and it certainly Lacks precision engineering. But this is a cheap controller

These controllers are designed to be as cheap as possible. And these are primarily designed go along with the Raspberry Pi/Tinkerboard cases that’s about it. Other than the small Balkan microprocessor controlling everything with a few tracks here and there to make everything work there is not much else to see.

Full Frontal !

Pulling out the PCB completely is not difficult it came out in one piece. Once I pulled out the 2 shoulder button boards out the it lifted straight out.

The PCB on both sides is pretty basic. There is loads of traces & connections to the conductive connection points on the board for the buttons. There is not much else to see on the PCB really. The buttons appear to be made of a high-quality plastic.

Final Thoughts

There is not a massive amount of write up I can do on this controller its pretty basic. It only took maybe 10 mins to take it apart and maybe 15 to put it back together. My thoughts on this its got it’s negative sides where the cost has been reduced. But considering its at price point of around £15.00 that’s understandable.

as a result of the price point it lacks some the precision from the likes of Sony or Microsoft. However at the end of the day I actually really like this controller it works nicely. Of course sometimes its not 100% perfect

If you are looking for a decent cheap controller for retro gaming then this might well fit the bill. However if you want something a little more precise the 8bitdo SF30 is a better choice.

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