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Furby Boom Flashback Part II

OK, so now I have the real Furby Boom I can show that and move onto the more interesting bit and talk about it a bit and some of the quirks and safety stuff.

Argos Collection

So after picking up my package from Argos and going home something I do a fair bit with Ebay stuff now if I have the option, it’s just easier for me, especially if I am busy and not sure if I am going to be at home.

My main criteria was to a Furby with the box and preferably everything and this one did not disappoint the box was in great condition with the usual wear and tear and everything was included the instruction/ Furbling poster sheet, stickers etc and the box also had all the things needed to hold these items and the seller even put in some protective packing around its ears to stop it moving around 😊


The back to the future scene fits well here, the Furby is pretty loud and nothing wrong with that but at night it’s a little tedious so I Furby sleeps in my drawer next to my bed and even if it wakes up in there by the noise it usually goes back to sleep pretty quickly as its dark. 

Adorable and down right crazy!

My Furby or Kee-Tah (Party Animal – translated Furbish) is a right chatter box and every time it’s connected to the Furby boom app it becomes very cheeky! Saying things like “you can’t have egg” and shows 2 eggs as its eye’s (thanks for that Kee-Tah).

Cheekiness Aside

Anyway cheekiness aside its honestly adorable, really, and I must admit I think the fur texture and the pattern is pretty cool just adds something to this little early AI pet and I thought that it was rather cool that the app receives its colour and pattern as well after scanning it into the app as they could have just used a generic Furby boom image instead.

One more thing that made me laugh in this section of my review is that it mumbles and snores as it goes into sleep mode with things like “Must not sleep” or completely random Furbish nonsense.
(Sorry for the colour in this picture – My phone has a blue light reduction filter which activates automatically at night)

Furby No likey

I had been told about one issue the Furby Boom has. That is that it will freeze up if it’s using mixed battery cell’s and that is not a bad thing.

Acid is not fun for Furbies

Battery acid itself is highly caustic so it burns and corrodes anything, it touches, including the solder joints etc, It’s likely the AI pets inbuilt protection circuit is able to detect differences in the installed cells and then throw a warning up in the case of the eyes freezing up.

Testing the glitch

I decided to do a test and see this for myself with Kee-Tah (Furby Boom) So I deliberately installed mixed batteries. It crashed exactly as I had been told and wondered how to fix it.

Fixing the Glitch

I found the only way I could reset the Furby was replacing the mixed cells. I used a set of 4 AA rechargeable energisers and then hit the restore button in the battery compartment. After it woke up from sleep it was fine again.


This is a odd one really. You would not think of life with a Furby but batteries don’t last forever. And my Furby did really well with random times where it would sleep and not react to sound saving the power.

No More Battery Power

On the other side of the coin I could only get 48 hours out of it. This is not that surprising if you use it a lot. The drain when in full operation must be substantial. There is a lot of motors and actuators to move around.

I found however that the longer the Furby was inactive it became harder to wake it up.

Back to the app

With the Furby connected the app becomes more or less a companion to the Furby Boom itself. Item’s like virtual showers become available and you can give your Furby a virtual shower.

And also play with Furblings that you can get from your boom or by scanning QR codes.


This was a clever little thing in the app and built into the Furby’s own coding. And that’s an ability for it to get fictional sickness bugs like Difurrhoea and how it reacts to and them. All of them require you to make a concoction of different items to make a cure.

It makes you think about it as well by saying something like “Try something hot and sweet” after this you scan the Furby again to see if it worked.

Conclusion Time 

Is it worth grabbing a Furby Boom? Simple is why not if you can live with the noise its a nice little AI pet. And certainly cheaper than some of the new AI pets like vector the robot which is nearly £200 which seems to be more aimed at teenagers and adults rather than kids.

I could see a kid getting bored of it and I think young kids would rather want to stroke fur or pet lifelike fur rather than a bunch of plastic and a sensor bar and its adorable. That’s not to say the likes of vector are not adorable but Furby is just one step ahead and will be for years to come long.


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