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Amiberry Slave editing

I get asked a ton now how to edit slave files on retro pie for Amiberry for custom options now I don’t agree 100% with cheating in a game but if you have completed it in the past then I don’t think there is any harm in it. So I am going to cover it in this piece.

Traditional editing on an Amiga 

I could show this on a real amiga unfortunately I dont have enough memory on my A600 as it is completely standard and has a 1mb memory where the recommended for WHDload is around 4-5mb to support both the preload and game memory requirement.

So I prepared before doing this piece and got FS-UAE setup and my harddrive (HDF) ready to go with workbench 3.1 and in this case Alien breed unzipped and ready to go. ( the disks with \ these are my c and drive on my pc)

Now on the amiga its pretty easy to edit the .slave file and its not hard to find it because its called (gamename).slave by right clicking on it and then going to icon in the menu and then information.

then you get the Information panel pop up for the slave file and this is where you can edit things like custom options now alien breed does not have any requirement to alter the slave file this way but games like chuck rock 2 require you to alter its slave file to get its custom options and all you needed to do was enter Custom1=1 into the comments section and hit the save button pretty simple.

that is pretty much it for editing on the real amiga and it really is pretty simple stuff but its not quite as straightforward on the emulated retropie amiberry but its simple once you know how to do the same thing

Amiberry .Slave editing

Amiberry logo

Unlike the Amiga editing process its not possible to edit the .slave file itself on pc for a simple reason windows does not have the support for its programming language and therefore its impossible to edit it however Amiberry is pretty clever.

Amiberry is however built on an Amiga dos base very much like FS-UAE and Amiberry infact they are pretty much clones of winuae and as result its able to read the .slave file and do some very cool things i will cover later. 

Autostartup file

Now instead of unzipping each game to your rom folder on the sd which would start to take a fair amount of space after a while as a unzipped full game LHA file can be 2 or 3mb whdbootloader creates a Autostartup file and it tells it where the game data is and to allows it to boot faster on future boots. 

Finding the Auto startup files

Now I mentioned about SSH in my retropie project piece and its really important here.

When you open up your pis sd card you get a screen like this (below) now if you follow the below navigate to folder process we get to the key to this whole editing process 

configs/emulators/amiga/amiberry/whdboot/save-data/Autoboots folder

Autoboot folder

these the autostart files that whdload creates for every game you have run and really the next bit is quite simple and will end this piece

Editing the Autoboot Files & adding to it

First thing here is while you can open these files with notepad they May not display correctly i have had chinese characters and alsorts when loading it that way so you need to get notepad++ or use wordpad and when you open the autostart file this is what you are greeted with this

look familiar? it should WHDloader boot files are carbon copies of the .slave files infomation like we saw on the real amiga workbench and as i said earlier WHDloadbooter and Amiberry are running on amiga dos so when whdloadbooter sees the game you want to use it gathers all of the data from the slaves infomation into a Autostart file into the above folder and adds WHDloadbooter infomation to so next time it loads quickly

Adding to it to enable things like trainers is simple where it says SLAVE= like in the image above go to the end of that line leave a space and enter what it says for example chuck rock II 

Next time booting WHDload will boot with enabled. 

Thats it on editing .slave files on Amiberry/WHDload booter

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