Thinkpad Restoration Part I

Why a Thinkpad?

I started to look at a Thinkpad a while back for various reasons

My hp laptop died after 2 years and when I needed some parts they were next to impossible to find. I found this Thinkpad on ebay shortly after that and Lenovo are really good for parts.

So lets get to it but before that this is what the laptop looks like right now yeah you are going to say what a mess. Thankfully it’s mostly cosmetic.

If I really did not like it I could plastic dip the lid. The screen is a pretty simple fix. For the Air vents a blast of Air will clear them out.

Power Supply

most older Thinkpad’s need a 20v 90w power supply and the x220i is no different in that it need.

Thankfully my multi volt power adaptor can provide this so all good here.

next up I needed to check if I had the right connector for the Thinkpad or i needed to order a connector for it. After a bit of searching I found the right one.

Hard Drive

for this I will be using a 1TB drive in the Thinkpad. 1TB should be more than enough for it and when I set it up in the Thinkpad. I will reformat it and then install windows 10 (I will cover that later)

and finally to end part 1


For this I will be using 8GB of DDR3 1600mhz. seen above in the Thinkpad

Bios Battery

This is not a necessity but as i need to reset the BIOS anyway I might aswell change it so its 100% good

So my plan of attack for this project will be as follows I am expecting the laptop will last around another 3-4 years.

  • Remove any Stickers (except ones I need) and remove any sticky residue from old stickers
  • Replace the BIOS battery removing the BIOS password in the process
  • Check the laptop boots correctly
  • Install windows 7 from Lenovo recovery system and then upgrade it to windows 10
  • Install any updated drivers into windows 10
  • Update & Unlock the BIOS to allow memory to run at full speed (this has been locked since BIOS v1.29)

That will end it for part 1 in Part II i will start tearing down the thinkpad and start to repair it.

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