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Mopy Fish

The mini aquarium on your screen

mOpy Fish: “Multiple original print outs” virtual pet screensaver was HP’s way to keep people buying its products. And of course reward printing HP developed mOpy fish with software company Global Beach. HP released it in the late 1990’s.

Mopy a HP hit

mOpy launched smack bang in the middle of the still very active screen saver craze and mOpy downloads went crazy. I can imagine HP saw a financial gain from all this. People going out to buy a expensive Laser Jet printer just to make use of the little red fish 

When I first saw the rather fetching little red fish on a pc I was at college. Of course I no idea at this point that mOpy download numbers. I checked one morning in the library at college and mOpy’s download numbers were 10.25 million!.

mOpy had been downloaded more than any other Virtual pet. HP’s marketing of mOpy were soon rewarded.

HP was given a Guinness World Record for most downloaded virtual pet.

The End of Mopy

In 2001 Microsoft released Windows XP and this was the beginning of the end for mOpy fish. Microsoft decided from XP it was going to use NT as its base for XP and future OS releases. Compatibility problems arose thanks to NT coding.

mOpy was one of these and while unofficial solutions appeared HP soon quietly brought it to an end.

Where is Mopy now? 

Well officially mOpy is pretty much dead its no longer on HP’s website but HP’s Laser Jet line despite being smaller is still going.

however it might be fun to download mOpy but it wont run on windows 10. 🙁 due to 64bit and NT base. 

Best way to check mOpy out if you never got the chance in the early day’s is to know a friend who has a win98 or 95 pc. Another option is to grab a free copy of a os emulator and then install windows 95,98 or 2000

So lets take a look at mOpy fish and this is going to be one of my shortest reviews ever!


this is pretty boring as far as installers go I have seen much better ones than this even on windows 98. This just has options to print the agreement install and cancel alongside a screensaver check box.

and really that covers the installer told you this was going to be really short.

Screensaver the main part of Mopy

Well you would think at least the options would be nice. Nope in terms of screensaver options its plain standard win9x tick box. Even back when I first tried Mopy fish back on 32bit Win2000. I thought this was a area that HP/ Global Beach could have done so much better.

Having the installer colour scheme with the Mopy fish logo here would have been really nice. No effort taken to even create a small preview animation,

I remember fondly how mOpy fish would react if you did not feed it. And how for its time the advanced brain physics reacted to that. Even now there is virtual pets that don’t have the level of sophistication.

mOpy did and it just added to the feeling you got with this virtual pet. It’s no wonder why it got 10mil downloads. With all the things you could add to the tank once unlocked it was so cool.

A new Mopy?

There is nothing to stop someone creating a new mOpy fish virtual pet. But the screensaver fad has pretty much died out much these days. New mOpy fish clones could be made to collect points by social media posts or email.

The idea’s are pretty wide but whether it would make the same level of success I doubt it.  

We will never forget mOpy that is for sure. Unique and clever for its time. that also wraps up mOpy Fish and my thoughts. Not a long piece this I know but mOpy fish was pretty simple. It was mostly just a screensaver virtual pet not much more really.

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