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Furby Flashback (Part 1)

for this flashback piece I am using the later version of the Furby in this case the Boom model as these are slightly better than the original models and easier to obtain.


the original series Furbys are long out of print and they are getting not only hard to find they are getting expensive to especially boxed ones and the demand is rising thanks to the likes of Furlexa conversions and now the same is starting to happen for the newer models like the 201/1 models like the Connect and Boom which I will have in this piece. 

Getting a Furby Boom

While furbys are getting expensive as I mention a minute ago tracking them down is not too hard and for me I came across this one a stripy Furby Boom after about a week of looking on ebay so I grabbed it of course I am likely going to need to clean up the acrylic sensor which from the pictures I have seen has some micro scratches not that unusual and cleaning should be relatively easy with the likes of Displex screen polish but since the only real need for that is to connect with other Furby Booms and Furblings its not essential right now.

The box is also a bit dented but again its not a massive issue and again its nice to have since boxed Furbys tend to be pricey even used and there is alot of demand for them no Furby auction I have seen has had less and 1 to 15 bids and I wanted a boxed one for this piece. 

Furby Boom App & Connection

I must admit the connectivity of the Furby Boom does interest me alot as I am a big techie and found the furby boom app and the furby itself are coded to accept a sound signal from the app and once it detects it everything is easy peasy even in 2018 on my 2.3GHZ Snapdragon 835 powered contract Razer Phone running on Android 8.1 and the furby seemed to connect pretty easily its easy to see for me that Hasbro were going for tablet more than mobile likely because the iPad and other android tablets were and still are pretty kid friendly and there was some kid designed tablets out there being sold through the likes of v-tech when this was made.

however its worth noting the furby wont respond to the app if it cant the hear the sound signal and it wont respond to any other part of it ethier I found this happens on cheaper mono sound android tablets like a really cheap one I have lying around where the maker cannot be bothered to license or afford the likes of Dolby compression codecs like the impressive Atmos which is quite expensive in the first place even Microsoft charge £14 for a fully licensed windows 10 version called Dolby access and since Atmos can dynamically adapt sound signals to the best they can be its great for the boom and I tried 5 separate times with my Razer phone which is not only THX certified but also has the Atmos codecs and incredible speakers every time it was able to scan my furby boom without issue. 

The app is pretty basic controls wise you can hatch Furblings (Baby Furbys) and then you can write them on the poster the boom comes with I have a picture of this in part II where I talk about my Furby Boom play games like Furball which is a fun little penalty shootout game where you control the Furbling and the furby boom acts as the kicker and reacts to it and have a little town full of furbling

Love the Personality 

Call me a huge kid with this bit but I love how the Furby Boom has different personalities like a real animal when you do things like ignore it or start doing things like pulling its tail or throwing it and how it gets angry with you and goes into Evil mode

its probably not worth asking why or how you got it mad and into this mode but at least your not going to get the silent avoidance treatment of kitty or the family dog but there is something menacing about those eyes and the slightly open beak.

that is it for part one more to come in part II and chance to see my real acquired Furby Boom.

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