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Furby Boom Flashback Part 1

for this flashback piece I am using the later version of the Furby in this case the Boom model.

The Furby Boom are slightly better than the original models and easier to obtain.


The¬†original series Furby’s are long out of print and they are getting not only hard to find they are getting expensive too especially boxed ones.

The demand is rising thanks to the likes of Furlexa conversion’s (Furby’s with Raspberry Pi’s and Amazon Alexa) and now the same is starting to happen for the newer models.


Getting a Furby Boom

While Furby’s are getting expensive as I mentioned a minute ago, tracking them down is not too hard.

I came across this one a stripy Furby Boom after about a week of looking on eBay for the price of £10 so I grabbed it.

Of course I am likely going to need to clean up the acrylic sensor which from the pictures I have seen has some micro scratches not that unusual and cleaning should be relatively easy.

Since the only real need for that is to connect with other Furby Booms and Furbling’s its not essential right now.

The box is also a bit dented but again its not a massive issue and again it’s nice to have since boxed Furby’s tend to be pricey even used.

Furby Boom App & Connection

I must admit the connectivity of the Furby Boom does interest me a lot as I am a big techie and found the Furby Boom app and the Furby itself are coded to accept a sound signal from the app.

Once the Furby Boom detects the sound signal everything runs absolutely fine.

Aiming for tablet use

It’s easy to see for me that Hasbro was going for tablet more than mobile likely because the Ipad and other Android tablets were and still are pretty kid friendly.

Furby won’t respond! & Controls

Since the Furby requires the sound signal I mentioned earlier if the Furby cannot hear it then it will not respond and the app will throw up an error and tells you to try again.

And Hasbro even include a basic trouble shooting guide to fix this issue and usually this was as simple as moving the Furby a bit further away from the device and then trying again.

The controls in the app are also nice and easy and a child could pick them up easily and that is also not a unexpected considering the target audience.

Love the Personality 

Call me a huge kid with this bit but I love how the Furby Boom has different personalities like a real animal. Pull its tail and it get’s mad, turn it upside down and it laugh’s and play music it and it starts dancing to it.

In term’s of how you get the Furby Boom mad well you have the main one above.

hat is it for part one more to come in part II and chance to see my real acquired Furby Boom.

If you want to read about the current Furby revision the connect you can check it out here : https://furby.hasbro.com/

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