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Catz II

Todays software blog is a pretty laid back one compared to the likes of Virtual Towers Online or Swat and my friend Hannah has been really excited about this one as she had its as a little girl and as I have some memories of this too I will throw them in between my thoughts. 

Of course for this title I need VMware as its a older windows 9x 32bit title and it wont work on windows 10s 64bit Environment which wont support it and the title I am talking about is P.F magics Cats II 


well its getting harder to track this title down a search on ebay both for P.F magic Catz II found nothing and also a search for Catz II just brought up links for Ubisoft Petz instead which is actually not that much of a suprise since P.F magic was bought out by mindscape in mid 1998 and then transferred over to Ubisoft who then stopped using the name and effectively re delevoped it into the above ubisoft title. But this title is avail from some windows content sites if you dont mind it being 

but still its possible to get it this way and if you worry about file size then really forget about worrying its a Quantum fireball of …….. 34MB! so its not a huge title.

Setup & Gameplay

for this I needed to power up my virtual machine so i did oh…. the windows 98 plus boot screen oh how we miss you

Catz II has a pretty simple setup nothing extreme like some games these days with 60GB downloads like GTA 5 or 50GB ones for turn 10s forza series being a normal thing then hitting install just brings up a 90s style installer I am not going to go through the installer as there is no need I have Catz II already installed on this virtual machine.

I remember when I first played this back around 1998 I was blown away with it it was cute and I loved how i could have a virtual cat running around on the desktop and then have it as a screensaver or if you had dogz you could set your dog up as a guard dog to guard your pc when it was in screensaver mode that was pretty cool back in those days when making screensavers were cool.

Looking at this on a gameplay level its pretty simplistic but is it a bad thing well no actually this was a pretty successful title and the and the gameplay pretty much consists of what you see in the screenshots above so not much at all but its still very smooth with the mouse even now with precision laser mice and precision keyboards

Graphics & Animation 

the graphics are sadly starting to show there age and that is evident in the design of the cats and how they appear but it has been 20+ years since this was released and things have changed alot in that time for example we have highly detailed 3d models of cats like this from creation studio hivewire 

Animation wise this is still quite good its not the best animation but animations of the cat hunting or the cat drinking from the milk bottle to name a few animations still feel strong so its holding in their on that alone if anything now.

In conclusion 

Its been a bit of a awkward one really because the gameplay of this is so basic so its its hard to cover that aspect where as the likes of swat and virtual towers online its been pretty easy to cover those in high detail because there is so much to talk about. 

Until next time 


Next flashback planned mOpy fish

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