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Flashback : Pokemon Red & Blue

One game that has stuck with me over the last 2 decades is Pokemon in this case I am going right back to the start with Pokemon Red & Blue and that means its time for another flashback.


 Pokemon Red and Blue original print has long ended and they were so hard to get hold of when they were released they were often sold out before you even get your hands on them.

but they are not hard to find now.  you can track the original cartridges down pretty easily in retro game shops and online the cart prices are now starting to rise but they are still pretty good right now and Nintendo re-released the original blue Red and Pikachu yellow : Special Edition titles on its e-shop for the virtual console so not a bad option if you want to relive the retro days and havent got a original gameboy or gameboy color handy they are selling for £7.99 each.


There showing there age now and thats clear when you take a screenshot from Pokemon Ultra sun and compare them with each other.

there is just a ton of advancement since Pokemon Red and Blue but I for one did not care then that the games were getting better and still dont really care now yes I really like the new games and they are impressive but like the lotus III flashback I did recently there is something undeniably charming about the blocky graphics from the original games and references to Nintendos then most recent games console the Super Nintendo I cannot confirm it but someone told me that it says Super Famicom in Pocket Monsters green (the original name which was later changed to Pokemon short for yep you guessed it pocket monsters)

Special Pokemon

When I did my flashback for this I booted up a save game I have of blue which is just after the 6th gym and I checked out some of the crazy methods to get the legendary special pokemon in this game and most of them did not work and thats understandable they were fake however one does work and its quite lengthy and requires a pokemon that can do teleport so you are going to need a traded pokemon. i am not going to cover the glitch here but you can check out this video on it it is worth noting a MEW caught with it wont transfer onto pokemon bank as Nintendo have updated the servers and it detects a mew caught this way and blocks it.

Only Working Real Mew code Activation Glitch
Gameshark obtained MEW

Save Deletion 

Pokemon Blue and Red both contain a glitch which some how missed Nintendos own QA testing which is odd but its likely they did not spot it anyway its worth noting on this one it had the ablity to give you more items by duplicating your item slots but it also had the risk of wiping your game data personally I never experienced it with red with Missingno

but I did with pokemon yellow which Nintendo claimed to have patched but no it is still there and this time it wiped a real cart save data clean. but its an interesting glitch and indicates some stuff Nintendo scrapped was there going to be a 000 pokemon? rumours are everywhere even now about it and what it was but its likely it was going to be a bird of some sort as it has the sound of moltres.

Trading Fun

This is probably the biggest thing with this game and that is its trading I briefly mentioned it in the special pokemon section and its the only way to get all 150 pokemon as some could be obtained this way and even now just entering the trading room brings back memories of linking with a friend in back of the family car when growing up when dropping them off at their home making use of every free minute to trade pokemon to each other or getting that elusive evolution of a pokemon by trading it then back again and then there was the glitch of turning your gameboy off half way through so you cause another Q&A missed glitch and duplicating the pokemon handy for those hard to obtain critters.  still makes me wonder how Nintendo missed so many evident glitches.

I suspect its likely Nintendo knew about them and did not expect anyone would find them and knew this and with the show proving to be a colossal success with even me as a kid tuning in at 4pm to watch the latest adventures of Ash & pokemon Pikachu on a journey through Kanto with pals Brock and Misty (Pikachu has a habit of destroying the female characters bikes! ) 


pokemon red blue and yellow had a pretty good soundtrack to be honest and I thought it stood up against the likes of the Sega Game Gear and Atari Lynx pretty well and it was quite impressive I thought how many songs game freak got on the pokemon carts. and even now cant help but every now and then hum them oh so many memories again

My Final Thoughts

For me the original games are just full of unforgettable memories and fun times with the gameboy and link cables and the new games just dont have that as they are wireless and I get fed up with them probably because of the excessive amount of creatures game freak has now created which last time I looked was over 700 compared to red blue and yellow which was 151 when you included mew and I find newer games like Fallout Farcry Endless ocean and Phoenix wright to name a few have characters you end up wanting to help and of course helping yourself.

The designs on the boxes and the carts themselves just finish the memories for me when these games were released were just cool and while I dont think youd get away with Pokemon Blues box or cart design these days just shows you what was possible before the world started going well…. crazy about video game violence and images to kids.

And that about wraps it up for me for this flash back if you never played this like i did I recommend getting it on maybe your 3ds and giving it a go. 

until next time 


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