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Flashback : Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow

Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow have been around many years now and I Time for a flashback.


Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are long out of print and they were hard to find when released. Often selling out before you even got your hands on them.

But they are easy to find now. Best places to track them down is at retro game shops and online. The cart prices are now starting to rise slowly.


The games are showing there age now. It is clear to see that when you take a screenshot from Pokemon Ultra sun and then compare it.

There is just a ton of advancement since Pokemon Red and Blue and I admit its pretty good. Pokemon lets go is really starting to get that feel was in Pokemon XD and Colosseum and that is great.

The new games will always lack that charming feeling that the original games had. With their blocky pixelated graphics and simplistic designs.

Special Pokemon

When I started making this flashback. I booted up a save game I have of blue which is just after the 6th gym. I checked out some of the crazy methods to get the legendary special Pokemon in this game.

Not all methods work

Most of the methods did not work and that’s understandable they are not confirmed and Nintendo or game freak. The likelihood is they will never confirm or admit if there were any Mew glitches in the game.

Only one glitch to this day works the rest require a cheat device.

Only Working Real Mew code Activation Glitch

Save Deletion & “Glitch Mon”

Pokémon Blue and Red both contain “glitch mon” these are effectively glitches in the games coding. The glitches cause them to appear if an player action is done in a specific way.

Nintendo Warning

Nintendo & game freak both pretty much said that the “Glitch Mon” were errors in the game’s code. People loved tracking most famous ones of MissingNo and M down. There were a few others in there as well.

Nintendo said they had fixed the “Glitch Mon” in yellow. But in fact its still in Yellow but Nintendo hid it. Deliberate?

Possibly for development reasons due to the fact if you are able to find MissingNo or M in that game… and catch it your save game is corrupted after a restart.

Trading Fun

Trading Glitch

This is probably the biggest thing with this game and that is its trading. I briefly mentioned it in the special Pokémon section.

It’s the only way to get all 150 Pokémon as some could be obtained through trading Gengar being one. Even now just entering the trading room brings back memories of linking with a friend in back of the family car.

You’d think the glitch mon would be the only glitch in the game well… no in fact there was a second one. This second glitch was in the trading system which when you pulled out the cable & turned off the Gameboy. Doing it half way through resulted in the effect of duplication.

Why Did Nintendo Miss them?

Still leads me to wonder how Nintendo missed so many evident glitches and this is not all of them, in fact, there are a few different glitches.

Its likely Nintendo knew about them and did not expect anyone would find them and knew this and with the show proving to be a colossal success.

I loved as a kid tuning in at 4pm to watch the latest adventures of Ash, Pikachu & Pals on a journey through the fictional world of Kanto.


pokemon red, blue and yellow had a pretty good soundtrack to be honest and I thought it stood up against the likes of the Sega Game Gear and Atari Lynx pretty well and it was quite impressive.

I thought how many songs game freak had got on the pokemon carts. and even now can’t help but every now and then hum them.

My Final Thoughts

For me the original games are just full of unforgettable memories and fun times with the Game Boy and link cables. The new games just don’t have that as they work on wireless and Internet connectivity.

The new games lose a little of the charm of the old games but I am still going to give them a go if I am able to.

Design Final thoughts

The designs on the boxes and the carts themselves just finish the memories for me when these games were released were just cool. I certainly don’t think you’d get away with Pokémon Blue’s box or cart design these days.

Just shows you what was possible before the world started going well…. crazy about video game violence.

And that about wraps it up for me for this flash back if you never played this like i did I recommend getting it on maybe your 3ds and giving it a go.

Pokemon wiki :

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