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Flashback: Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi & other Virtual Pets like Digimon in the 1990’s where cool, especially for people who could not have a real pet for health grounds etc.

and there were games like Oddballs, Catz and Dogz on PC from PF magic running on windows 95.

Now at the point of writing this I don’t have a real Tamagotchi.

I am actually planning on getting hold of one the 20th anniversary edition models that I mention in this piece.

So lets take a take a trip down memory lane and into a fable


Original Gen 1 Tamagotchi’s are long out of print now, but so many have been made from the originals back in 1997.

Finding original 1997 models is not too hard but they are starting to get pricey now.

While that is the case with original models Ban-Dai released the 20th anniversary edition nearly a year ago now its 20% smaller than the original 1997 model.

Starting the Pet up 

This sounds so wrong as you would never pull a tab out of a cat lol anyway lets get the Tamagotchi up and running. A simple case of pulling the Battery Isolator tab out.

Then a Tamagotchi egg Animation appeared on the screen and hatched a few minutes.

And once the pet has done its thing the egg cracks open the pet emerges looking like a tadpole and immediately cries out for food and playtime.

This always made me laugh how can a blob of pixels could not only eat but also want to play.

closest link I can get to for something comparable is a gremlin because at all the stages they can eat, play and cause utter havoc.


Ahh… the fun of this holds fond memories too never knowing how its going to look next.

The below image does not show all of them but shows some of the wacky and weird creatures that Tamagotchi has.

Some are greedy and want constant attention, I remember at school hearing bleeping and evolution sounds during a class and the teacher taking them off people.

Playing games 

Another thing that brings back fond memories of the little pet is the games it comes with Bandai released 2 different ones.

The Tamagotchi Emulator is able to emulate both completing either game results in the Tamagotchi losing weight.

Game A (Generation 1

“Left or Right” the principle of this game is to match the direction of the arrow. Get it right and the screen displays a sunshine in the corner this game was fun.

Game B (Generation 2)

“Higher Or Lower” this is probably the game I liked the most its more fun than left or right and more of a challenge. The idea is simple really its a guessing game and working out whether the other cards is higher or lower.

Cleaning and care 

I sort of stepped on this with my evolution bit about some being incredibly needy and constantly attention seeking. I even remember teachers when I was at school at the same time the pet was out banning them from the classroom.

Now grown up I can understand why and it was well… annoying and it was no wonder they got banned in school classrooms. but I loved mine and getting to play with it outside school was well fun.

And years on its interesting to see how mobile’s have effectively become the new Tamagotchi. Annoying teachers, employers and generally everyone else in a whole new way.

whether it be teenagers being obnoxious playing music out loud on speakers or annoying ringtones. Teens are not alone some adults can be just as annoying yammering on for ages when on the likes of buses.


Powered by a Epson E0C6S46 cmos I cannot get a speed but this cpu is rated between 1-3mhz according the data sheet. Some have said this is a clone of the MOS 6502.

There is no definitive confirmation of that so cannot be sure there were a lot of 6502 clones and variant’s floating around.

Battery Life 

Tamagotchi battery life was not great I think I went through a CR3032 battery about once every 3 months. And in 1997 they were pretty pricey unlike these day’s where you can buy like 10 for a £1.00

Cost is possibly a reason why Bandai switched to AAA & smaller button cells like LR44’s in later models.


this is a good place to end this piece, as I kid I hated it when my Tamagotchi died. Those were probably not the best of memories of it but the Tamagotchi was so damned easy to kill!.

And the new anniversary editions are no different.

when it dies you get a screen like the above or one with an angel and some stars around it. 

An Ending

well the Tamagotchi’s memories both good and bad will forever be something I remember fondly.

I am likely to grab a Bandai 2017 anniversary version at some point in the future.

now this piece is a bit shorter than I planned originally but hey that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

20th anniversary page Tamagotchi wiki: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_Mini

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