Retro flag – Super pi (Quick Read)

So there has been loads of great videos on this case for the raspberry pi and Tinkerboards so I thought Id pick one up and give it a shot to date I have not seen that many standard versions of this case so my review is based on the deluxe version.


Its based clearly on the Super Nintendo Entertainment system in europe or as some refer to it famicom well this is accurate as in Japan it launched with the same design as the famicom and therefore technically both descriptions are right and i will leave that to you to make your mind up on it. 

The design of the case is simply perfection in every way it feels so lifelike right down to the buttons which feel solid and responsive with a micro switch underneath on the PCB which I will get to later and there is just something so nice about pressing the eject button and the slot popping open

revealing a place to put your memory cards.

Packaging external

The Packing for this case is just as nice and replicates the super pi on it with the front being of course the 2 usb ports and the back being well the back and the sides showing what systems the usb control pad works with and the top showing of course the top so much care has just gone into it. 

Contents included & Internal Packaging

The top of the box the case comes in shows details of what the case can do like its ablity to shutdown safely (I will cover that later on) and that it has a working power led and coming with a classic controller. on opening the box it quickly reminds me of when I opened both my 3DS box and consoles like my Wii and the wii u so whether the intention was to replicate this its just another really nice touch but this is it otherwise and along with the case and the controller there is also a screwdriver included and the instructions. 

Building the case

So this is where I did have a few issues the first one I came across here was the location of the optional fan I found it hard to get the fan in place with the front PCB directly on-top of it so found it easier to unscrew and remove it and then place the fan in and I would have liked to have seen a wire trap so i could tidy the wires up and to get the fan connected to the pcb required bending the pins slightly not a fault of the pcb in this case but more because the fan had a slight indent pattern on the connector.

other than that the case went together pretty well but I would have liked to have a seen a better design for the connection to the pi because it was hard to get the wires settled and took a bit of fiddling to get the case over but fitting the screws to secure the pi was not too difficult and once I had the safe shutdown switched on I screwed it together a nice feeling in itself and then the feet were easy to use fitted nicely over the screw holes and then I just quickly tightened the screws again and placed the cover over the Ethernet port and the other usb ports.

and I could not help again but stare at it as I plugged my official pi psu into it. 

Power up and script install 

This was straight forward once I remembered to put the SD card in Doh! and then the pi booted normally to retropie and with the red led shining brightly it was so nostalgic and getting the script to enable safe shutdown could not be easier I booted up putty and then loaded the picase git-hub and there was all the install instructions and the script installed perfectly and pi shutdown and rebooted and the script worked perfectly when I tested it out.


At current these are around £25 on places like Amazon and most ebay ones for sale are not in the uk despite the information saying they are so you can expect a wait of around 6 days personally if I had know how good this case was I would have ordered it from amazon for next day delivery. 

Final Thoughts 

This case is probably amongst one of the best PI cases I have seen and its just a perfect one for a retrogaming fan nicely replicating the feel of the snes right down to the power switches and the cartridge slot and the cool little red led so is it worth the money sure is the controller is maybe not as good as some but it should not put you off ordering one of these and it looks damn good against the likes of the official snes mini from Nintendo or c64 mini

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