Quick Reads : Can you destroy a SD card?

A change to my planned piece for Sunday but things went south last night and I am £26 lighter after this quick read piece.

my 32GB SanDisk card.

So I dabble in the Retropie and retrogaming scene and as its well known you need a microsd card formatted with a Linux partition for it to work since the Raspberry pi and other sbcs mostly run on Linux and well last night a change to my SD card and well it died

So can you destroy a SD Card and how it appears?

So with the above the answer to this is well yes and no you cannot physically destroy a SD card your more likely to lose it if anything they are extremely robust and can take being dropped into water being shocked and they are very good a resisting heat a bit like the very strong corsair survivor usb drive which I own in a 64gb variant and it is very good but what about the memory chips?

yep you can wreck these but damaging the chip itself is impossible unless you start drilling holes in it or crush it with a vice but you can screw up the memory chips so much that Windows Mac & Linux and even phones cant read them.

I am not sure how this happens exactly but I suspect that when you write  to a SD card using a tool like Etcher or win3 disk imager it alters the drive structure in such a way that if you crash the drive half way through it  corrupts not only the MBR (Master boot record) on the card itself but also the partitoning structure of it along with it making it impossible for anything to read it correctly anymore.

Looking at this screenshot you can see all the drives and removable drives on my pc I have a 931gb drive setup for storage a 200GB SSD drive which is my main windows boot drive and appears as C: (200GB is only barely getting me through! it fills up so fast its crazy) and a some basic recovery partitions windows created my 128MB USB stick which just has my cv (Resume) covering letter and some other basics on and then there is the damaged SD card as F:

Now I was able to get a small partition on setup on it when I was trying to repair it however this failed aswell and it cannot be deleted formatted or repaired in the likes of Partition Master which tallies up with my repair attempt on my razer phone which the card crashed there should be a second partition showing up for this drive a 29.62GB Ext 4 partition which would appear like disk 1 partition 3 but its absent so with this missing.

Repair Attempts 

Now as I touched on I tried several attempts to get the card repaired but nope it was not having it my razer phone crashed when hitting a certain part in the android recovery program and Linux distro Mint 19Tara would not even mount the sdcard let alone see even the corrupted F: partition and tools like Easus Partition Master would not see it ether and as a last ditch effort I chucked the card into my Hybrid DSLR and yep you guessed it that did read it either. Uggh 

Where does this Leave me now?

Simple Answer £26.48 lighter than I was yesterday as there is just no way I am going to be able to get the other card repaired and yes I could go through the repair process with SanDisk and wait 6 weeks for a new card to appear in the mail or just spend the £26.48 and get a new one from Amazon Yes I could use ebay aswell but there is so many fake cards on there coming from china now its not worth the risk or the hassle so anyway did I go with another 32GB well simple answer to that is also a nope. I decided to stay with Sandisk brand but push capacity and get a 128GB card now you can see why I am £26 lighter as the card cost £20 and then I had to pay £6.48 for next day by 1 pm postage. a final answer to the question can you damage a sd card yes you can.

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