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Lotus III

The Ultimate Challenge

Time to flashback

But for now, I am going to flashback to a game from my childhood and one I remember well having it on the Amiga Lotus the ultimate challenge of course I also had a bootleg copy of lotus II – Turbo challenge (but disk copying back in the 90’s was pretty common). 



Lotus III : the ultimate challenge is long out of print and boxed copies are hard to find now.
Amiga versions are not so bad you can get them via eBay but prices are increasing rapidly like so much Amiga stuff.

So, if you already have it look after it is getting valuable.


Lotus III - Roadworks

Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of gameplay, it’s a racing game with 2 modes. Time attack and championship mode. In time attack its literally that get around the track and the other cars before the timer runs out.

Championship mode is a little more in depth as you are racing to win instead and you have to refuel or you won’t make the end of the race.

Not really that exciting anymore

Cat Not excited

Nothing in Lotus III : the ultimate challenge is overly exciting nowadays as games like Asetto Corsa, Dirt, Gran Turismo.

But All the modern games above have pretty much the same modes but back in the 90’s Lotus III was cool and I remember playing it on a lot on a small 15 in tv.


It’s easy to see how things have improved since this game came out when you look at Forza Horizon 4 for example against Lotus III. And Admittedly Lotus III does not look as good as it once did.

However there’s just something I still find undeniably charming about the blocky car graphics and track side scenery. the track side scenery like fuel pump signs just added that extra bit of realism.

Lotus III - In Game


Lotus III - Menu

I still love the simplistic menu system Lotus III: the ultimate challenge had.
There was no graphics settings, connectivity settings, DLC, loot boxes or premium content for money.

Lotus III was a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) experience and there is just something loveable about that. A far cry from today’s games which are crammed with “In app purchases” spoiling them.


Lotus III - RECS

RECS was a nice feature in Lotus III. Track design was nothing new in games it had been done before on various other platforms.

But RECS was cool and added extra life and enjoyment to the game.

Prototypes and More

Lotus III was so cool in the fact that for the first time the Lotus concept M200 appeared alongside faithful machines from Lotus II.


Lotus III does pretty well here actually even now with the track maker and the ability to choose a different cars to race with.

I sort of agree with some of the comments however about it becoming quite repetitive as there is only so much you can do with the track editor.

Cartridge versions


Unlike Lotus II RECS for the likes of the Mega drive Lotus III was never released on cartridge.

Audio Soundtrack

Lotus III - Radio

Lotus Had a really good soundtrack for its time it won’t stack up 100% now to the likes of the highly advanced and tuned soundtracks. And the realistic radio just adds a nice touch in Lotus III.


Lotus III will always have a special place for me as it was a game, I played to a lot as I was growing up. Lotus is going to continue to get more valuable.

It will be seen as an old racing game and hold no real interest to future generations. Lotus sold a lot more cars in the 90’s thanks to the games.

and that has to be a good thing.

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