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Retropie Community Images (short Read)

So I built a retropie machine in my last project and configured it to my tastes now I must admit I am missing having some Arcade games on it and mame is just really confusing with different emulators needing different rom versions different Bios files and it just ends up with you getting one huge

So this is really were the retropie community is great as there is places to grab other peoples created retropie images but there is some downsides i will get into that later of course but for this I have grabbed a image from Arcade Punks ( a great retrogaming community site with loads of pre-created community images for download I have grabbed one from Damaso at 16GB but there is other images from 8GB to over 128GB downloadable via torrent (I am not downloading one that big because one I dont have a SD card big enough and I dont want to spend hours downloading it. 

So lets get to it

Backing up 

Of course I was not about to wipe my existing Retropie install and my configuration that would be a disaster waiting to happen and I would scream as it took 4 weeks to setup. 

So time to fire up Win3 disk imager 

I had my file backed up before writing this piece so I created this image just to show the imager the basics of what I did with it was tell imager where my sdcard reader with my sdcard was and then press the read button to get imager to create a raw 32GB image file (Its usually around 29.7GB once completed) and then let it go and listen to my music collection which bizarrely started with Zoes 1991 hit Sunshine On A Rainy Day and I am sure it was my youtube playlist trying be smart ass as it had been raining earlier in the day on the day I wrote this but hey its a great song.

What a infectious smile 🙂

Anyway Zoe and my music choices aside it took a good 30 mins to backup my microsd card which is not too bad it probably could be quicker but for some reason my 32in 1 lexar pro 3.0 card reader has decided it does not want to work with windows anymore now Linux it of course loves it so thinking it May be a cable problem but with my card backed up I now needed to move to my thinkpad.

Shifting to my Thinkpad

Now my thinkpad would be my ultimate workstation if only win3 disk imager worked and it had a bigger HDD than its 256GB one because I could not get a 1TB drive to fit thanks to lenovo keeping the Bizarre small drive bay format which means 9.5mm thick hdds wont fit if its 9.0mm you can jam it in which is what happened with my x220i.

anyway other than that its perfect as I have access to Easeus Partition master 1.10 I am not going to go over partitioning in this piece in any great detail there is lots of videos on how to do partitioning and how it works on pc at youtube.

So you can see my drive configuration on my thinkpad above the bar at the bottom is showing my main HDD which is a 250GB 7200rpm drive and the other one is my Sd Card I am going to delete both partitions and create a new partition in FAT3 so I can use etcher again and write the new image to my sd card

and after about 10 mins in Easeus Partition Manager I am ready to etch the new image to my sdcard….

Yep you guessed it I hit another problem the image was on my desktop pc and for some reason my survivor memory stick decided it was not going to work on my thinkpad as for some strange reason it was not being given a letter assignment under windows so it would not appear a quick fix in Partition Master fixed it though

so lets do that like the partition bit i am not going to show the process of Etching because I covered how it works when I did the retropie project part 1 so if you want to read about the etching process take a look at that piece.

It took a while to etch via the thinkpad as its only got a 2.30GHZ Core I5 but still its not bad and after veryifying it was ready to go and i dropped it in the pi

Checking out this Image 

First things that comes with this image is it runs on a Debian distribution rather than the Raspbian that the image from retropies website comes with.

now back to the image itself the theme is not one of my favourite emulation station themes and I tried it out for a while and just grew tired of it so this will likely go and I will likely switch over to the Tronkyfran Theme which I like and is really popular I aslo hate the splash screen when booting up so that will be replaced aswell.

But there are things I really like in this image including the bios folder is much cleaner than my own image and most of the games that are on my own image are on it but there is a few tweaks I will make here too many to mention on here to how I want them to look Other than that I can work with this image easily and give it a thumbs up ! and it was actually fun to play the arcade games on this image of which there are over 600 nice.

Advice and Cautions

Downloading custom images will always come with risks because you dont know what to expect and how they are setup so try and use respectable sites like the one i use as they often give videos where the image is shown off be careful on sites like eBay where people are selling game sdcards these are usually quite expensive if you are going to get one this way just check the sellers rating like other items and read what others have to say.

Virus wise its pretty unusual to see viruses on retropie or pi distributions partly because Linux is requires a higher software understanding than windows and mac does because it runs alot of stuff through scripts and files are usually on a source like GitHub or Sourceforge. 

That about sums up community images and a look at Damasos v2 retropie image a quick note here I have since writing this replaced the image with Damasos 32GB V5 image as there is less compatibility issues and its more up to date.

Until next time 


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