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Endless Ocean : Flashback


For this & Endless Ocean II: Flashback’s to have been made possible I thank my friend Zoe for lending me her GDR-8162 drive.

The drive mentioned above is capable of reading official wii DVD software discs and therefore can be run with dolphin emulator.


So lets get onto my flashback review. Endless ocean was announced in 2007 at E3 to a huge level of excitement in my view.

It may not have had the power of the Sony’s aquanauts holiday it did not need it. Endless Ocean had the power of the Wiimote and the Nun-chuck in its corner however endless ocean 2 did not support it.

I will cover in the endless 2 review.


it was a Wii exclusive title as its primary control was of course its wiimote and nun-chuck it has to date never released on any other platform. Its long out of print and a lot of game stores no long stock wii games especially in the likes of the uk’s GAME stores.

Gameplay & Control’s

I could fire up the Wii but this is the reason I borrowed the dvd drive. I have not got a capture device and needed the Dolphin emulator.


Control wise Dolphin is good but not perfect when you use emulated control’s. Gameplay wise endless ocean is for me a pure example of complete chilled out.

Of course now we have VR now and that is really good at chill out but back in 2007 that did not exist. And Compared to endless ocean II its more laid back.

It’s a perfect game to play when you are not in the mood.

Most soundtracks are done by multiple artist’s. Endless Ocean’s soundtrack however was done by New Zealand artist Hayley Westerna. Adding her soft vocals to the game.

I recommend everyone checks out some of the music by this artist it is very good. But an option made it possible to use your own mp3 files on a sd card.


Endless ocean is showing its age a bit now GPU’s have come a long way since it was released. The Wii’s Hollywood GPU is also pretty slow by today’s standards. However one great thing with the Dolphin emulator is its ability to go beyond the base 480i. You can even push endless to full HD

High Def

Ocean Floor – HD

Standard Def

Ocean Floor SD


Endless is pretty much done once you complete the story line. But you can keep playing to complete your species database. There is not really much else to do other than completing the database.

It’s a bit of a shame but to be honest you kinda want to play it again and again after the first completion. So its not a bad thing.


The Gate SD Quality
The Gate HD Quality

This was a cool idea but I never really used it back when it was out. It worked through what the game called the “Gate” at the front of the Gabbiano. It was nice to have it in Endless Ocean even if I hardly used it. 

In Closing 

In closing I Don’t think I have ever played a game as laid back and beautiful as Endless Ocean. And seeing it in HD is just something else. And if you never played Endless ocean while the wii was in its prime I recommend tracking down a copy.

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