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Hacknet – Labyrinths

Breaking The Code

I don’t really play games like Hacknet but to be honest the Labyrinths expansion to the original game really caught my eye.

It’s been out for a while now (2017) however decided to check it out.

Availability & Install

It’s an expansion to the original game so you need that first. Hacknet is PC only but it’s not hard to get via Steam. I don’t know what engine this is made in but it is certainly well made.


Hacknet is a hacking game a few of these of these have been released. In this one you play a hacker.

Finding an automated email you quickly find out it was set up by another hacker. You find out by reading it the hacker was murdered. And bit wants you to find out how he was murdered. The story is well thought out and designed.

Learning Curve

Hacknet has quite a steep learning curve making it really important to read everything properly and correctly understanding it.

Being able to type quickly also really helps on the harder missions. Also some missions need you to do multiple commands at the same time. It does however deserve a rage quit caution as it does get close at times as the difficulty ramp’s up.

The random difficulty increases is partly because it looks like it using an adaptive system. Hacknet uses an adaptive difficulty system but it wont be the first or last to do this as more games are implementing it.


This is like a lot of titles there is not much of Replay-ability here. However you can go back and replay assignments. There is not much else to say on this.


Throwing back to what I said earlier this DLC is really well put together. You actually feel like you are in a operating system environment.

The boot screen animations and command prompts are so realistic. Hacknet’s graphics feels like its like booting into Raspberry PI or a distribution of Linux. Its nice to see that.


Hacknet and Labyrinths requirements are a little exaggerated, but there is a lot of steam titles that are. Some are not however and after fiddling for about 5 min I even got this running on the X220i.

That wraps it up for this review of Hacknet Labyrinths

It’s a nice expansion to the original Hacknet game and I think gives it more life but I think it is a niche expansion really its not going to appeal to everyone in the same way minecraft expansions or farming simulator expansions do for example.

Is it worth buying? I enjoyed it but while I can talk about it and give my personal review at the end of the day only you can decide.

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