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So I wanted to do a bit about my favourite drivers of the present some I have met in person others I have not but would love to in the future.

  1. Emily Linscott – Ginetta Juniors UK

This young lady has got a huge following already on social media and she’s so approachable off track and really appreciates her fan’s support and even when she’s not had a great race she’s still smiling.

In only her first full season with the well-known Richardson Racing outfit Emily has shown to all her fans and other teams she’s able to mix it on track with the best of them and like other Ginetta Juniors seems to have no fear even if that terrifies her fan’s like me when she’s really battling out with the rest of the field.

and she’s only going to get better and in my view before long she will be picking up silverware to add to her new collection. so watch out this is girl is coming and she wants to win 

  1. Hannah Chapman – Scottish Mini (SMRC)

Well what can I say about this Lady she’s awesome I have watched this lady’s races on tv (Motorsport tv) and she really knows what it takes to win and she really gives the fans like me something to cheer for and the occasional cowering in the corner nail biting moment as she battles it out with other racers giving her fans some great excitement.

and Hannahs regular social media updates on her page and race reports is great and shows this girl really has it all.

  1. Jade Edwards – Clio Cup UK

Well what can I say the girls have really grown on me and to finish a Hat trick here is Jade Edwards I have been a fan of Jade’s for some time now and just the other girls above Jade is seems fearless and so quick in her Renault Clio cup UK car and watching jade battle it out on track is fun to watch and I will continue to cheer for her whether I am trackside or watching on tv and wherever Jade goes in the future I am sure she’s going to really give it her all.


these Ladies are all superstars in their own right


  1. Aiden Moffatt – British touring car Championship

Aiden Moffatt is probably one of my favourite btcc drivers alongside the likes of Jake hill I love watching Moffatt pushing everything out of the way (fairly of course) in the Ciceley run Mercedes A class and battling it out with the likes of Ash Sutton Colin Turkington Jason Plato and Jack Goff.

and there seems to be nothing stopping Aiden who is already putting in a great 2018 performance so far in this British touring car Championship. And now its great to see Aiden taking on the on new TCR UK series in a Laser tools DPE Alfa Guiletta (slimliar to the one raced by HMS Motorsport car in BTCC) despite some early teething problems which is not unexpected with cars so early in delevopment.

  1. Jake Hill – British Touring car championship

What Can I say about my 5th favourite driver in my list Jake hill Amazing I think comes up as one of the words I would use I have been a fan of this Team Hard driver for a couple of years and there seems to be nothing stopping Jake getting really high up the field in the VW CC and now so close to getting race wins.

and Jake is also a great guy off track and having the opportunity to get on the grid next to Jake hills Avensis car in 2016 with the team hard outfit before they changed to the cc was a fantastic experience and one I won’t forget any time soon.

  1. Jack Goff – British touring car

This was a hard one for me because there is so many other drivers that I would love to have put on here but I have become a huge fan of the Eurotech Racer he is loads of fun to watch battling it out against the likes of the dynamics squad and BMR and often coming off better in those battles and when you think it’s over he seems to come back and produce even more meaning you never know what he’s got under the hood and that results in fans like myself getting extra excitement right at the last minute so for this reason Goff is on my list.

Who are your favourite drivers? let me know in the comments




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