Halo: My view

A frugly piece of super strength metal or life saver

Halo is probably the most controversial item to be introduced into open wheel sports. Some hate it others dont but is whining and complaining about how it looks even worth it? Well i am going t give my views on this.

So looking at it from a sim racer perspective which is of course not 100% I know but as close as youre going to get outside a F1 or a Formula E car (MSA formula 4 will have halo from 2019) but its so much more accurate as laser scanning technology and lidar data gets better and better. And as motorsport fan

Viewing aspects.

I cannot understand the issues alot of people have here because anyone who has spoken to race drivers will tell you 95% of the time they arent even looking straight ahead they look to the side and the apex even most racing games like highly sucessful Turn 10s Forza and  Polyphonys Digitals Grand turismo series have been teaching this since day one and Grand Turismo 5 SE in 2010 came with a book aptly called APEX which I have somewhere in the bookshelf its a pretty chunky book with everything from mechanicals like understanding camber & ride height to racecraft in it.

And when the driver does look straight ahead they are looking so far ahead the Halos middle bar wont really make much difference in this aspect once they have got used to it as the driver knows where they are going already and most if not all drivers also visualise the track aswell before the race even in other sports like bobsled crews visualise the track ok its a different type of track but still.

The Look

Now admittedly the Halo is not the prettiest thing around I was a aero screen fan but nethier idea was for the car to look good or Pretty their saftey devices simple could it be better? Yes I would have liked to have seen some design elements taken from the likes of formula Es Halo like maybe having a Kers battery live or not live led strip in it instead of the tiny light in front of the kers unit on the engine cover use your imagination here of what a led strip could be used for.

Saftey views

This is the whole point of Halo ok admittedly it wont stop everything we all know that and thats where the likes of helmet manfacturers come in and danm they look so much stronger than ever before my race friends FIA race car standard Helmet under its top layer (now covered in a purple flames livery) its shell is made completely in very tight weave Carbon Fibre & Kevlar heavy duty composite making it incredibly strong and light but also hugely expensive in some cases but you cant put a price on saftey or your life.

And if the device is able to deflect the potential of 1 driver being killed by a loose tire or large objects and reduces the chances of having another surtees or Wilson situation then Halos done her job and even now wheels are still coming off cars like Alonsos in F1 testing just a few days ago in spain so no matter what unless we move to robots for pit stops and make the cars effectively a brick or slow them down then the human factor will always mean risk.

I am willing to give Halo a chance because I think until we see it in a race its very hard to see everything properly.






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