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A New Year A New Presentation

With Christmas 2017 finished and 2018 in full swing I prepared for the return to the J2E program in my role as a volunteer mentor. I was curious to how the planned presentation on the 10th of January for program Steps For The Future was going to turn out. Despite having to do some other things during the presentation so this section of my article is a little short From what I had heard when I was in the presentation the program was interesting so decided to along with the J2E group to give this program a try.

Taster Session

On the 25th of January 2018 I made my way to Derby city centres Queens Leisure Centre along with others in the J2E program for a taster session of this program which was kindly set up for us. Upon arriving at the Leisure centre everyone was being greeted by the program runner Maggie. Shortly after arriving and being met by Maggie we were introduced to Lisa the deputy facilitator who works alongside Maggie showed us to the live well space. After a introduction to the program and what it was all about we were introduced to current members of the Steps For The Future program and it the rest of the volunteer team that run it.

Pumping some Iron!

After being introduced to everyone in the Steps for the future program and activities we met with Mark from Live-well and we were shown to the gym where we were given an induction and taught how to use all the gym equipment. The members of the J2E enjoyed this very must admit myself it was the first time I had stepped foot in a gym in over 19 years the last time being in 1998 and that was an unpleasant experience (Long story) Mark was great with his extensive background helped everyone quickly understand the equipment and help us if needed.

Returning back into the live well room everyone was already planning on going back to the gym for more when able to at this point Maggie started another steps for the future activity including some props and then asking people to select from the props in this case plastic food and then asking the group to say if it was a bad or good choice.

After this I asked Maggie why she wanted to do Steps For The Future and the answer was quite moving as personally I have worked in voluntary roles where I have worked with adults with minor learning difficulties to very severe ones and hearing Maggie explaining wanting to help them to be able to make informed decisions and achieve there potential was a really nice thing.

After the group ended I returned to the gym with the rest of the J2E group and spent some more time in there leaving at around 1:30 to return to Charnwood Street and my voluntary role.

The Live Well / STEPs sessions we attended really did help myself and the other members of J2E in a number of ways. It has helped group members gain confidence meeting new people in an unfamiliar environment. It is also great to see members of the group taking an interest and engaging again in activities relating to their health and Well being both on a physical front and from their mental health side. People have come away from these sessions better equipped with the knowledge to be able to live a more healthy independent lifestyle.

On ending this I would like to thank Maggie from Steps for the future for allowing me to scribble my notes whilst also taking part in the taster session.


Since writing this article most of the J2E group have now completed the required time with Steps for the future and completed induction in the gym however recent not for discussion events have meant I have decided to end my participation in this program but I still recommend it to others.


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